Grant visitation rights to grandparents
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Grant visitation rights to grandparents

    1. susan vinson
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      susan vinson

      kennewick, WA

Think it can't happen to you? Right now Washington State does not recognize the rights of grandparents to their grandchildren. Grandparents can be such an Integral part of a childs life. They can provide additional love, support and stability for the child. If your son or daughter dies and the "in-law" retains custody of the child, they have the right to not allow you, the grandparent, to see your grandchild. There is nothing, no law in Washington State, that says they have to allow you to see them. Even if the parents divorce and the "in-law" obtains custody, this ruling stands. If your son or daughter isn't allowed to see your grandchild, you won't be either. Unless the grandchild is legally old enough to make their own decisions, the grandparents have no rights to see them. I have a 3-1/2 year old grandson that I am not allowed to see because of this ruling. He was a year old the last time I saw him. There is currently, in the House Rules Committee, House Bill 2193 that addresses this issue. However, it stalled and never reached the floor for voting. There is also an organization called GROWS (Grandparents Rights Of Washington State) that is fighting for grandparents rights. Please, this issue needs to be addressed. There are way too many grandparents, and grandchildren, that are being denied a whole new world of love and caring. Let's make the government of Washington State take notice to us, the grandparents. Let us make them give us our rights to see our grandchildren!

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    • Shannon pollock SPOKANE, WA
      • 10 months ago

      Because I LOVE HER and SHE LOVES ME!!

    • julie henyan SPOKANE VALLEY, WA
      • about 1 year ago

      i had my grandbaby most of her 21/2 years of life my son lost visitation i cant see her now shes just gone and nothing i can do its just not right

    • Pam Blair SOUTH JORDAN, UT
      • about 1 year ago

      As A Grandmother I have been a integral part of my other five Grandchildrens lives. It takes a community to raise a child in this busy society & I have been able to be there as a loving family member when their parents have been working. Grandparents play a big part in a child's development education & stability when maybe there world as know is crashing down around them. Grandparents may provide a safe haven in a time of need.

    • Darryl Freund VANCOUVER, WA
      • about 1 year ago

      Because our granddaughter lived with us since birth. The parents recently moved out and won't let us have contact with our grandaughter.

    • Cindy Barrett PORTLAND, OR
      • over 1 year ago

      I have been in my grandchildren's lives since they were born. I am the only grandmother of one of my grandsons. We have a very tight bond and the mother is losing custody of all three of her children. One of the fathers is going to give me visitation, the other says I have to earn it, and that I have no rights. Never mind that when he wants me to babysit I always say yes. He thinks he is Superior to everyone else. He threatened me that he is moving to another state. I am very distressed.


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