Investigate the "adoption" of Veronica Brown

Investigate the "adoption" of Veronica Brown

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      Nicky Michael

      Dewey, OK

We are calling on the state of Oklahoma and the U.S. Department of Justice, Eric Holder to fully investigate Matt and Melanie Capobianco's "adoption" of Veronica Brown without the constitutionally protected right and due process to obtain consent from her fit and loving father Dusten Brown, a Veteran of Iraq.

This case has many questions. From the earliest days of Veronica's life, she was removed from Oklahoma under false pretenses against several state and federal laws, the Indian Child Welfare Act as just one example. Nightlight Christian Adoptions agency sent to the Cherokee Nation inaccurate verification information enabling the couple to remove Veronica from the state without flagging her as an Indian child. Serving in the Army, her father Dusten Brown was not properly notified of the adoption proceedings and signed only an acceptance of service within days of deployment to Iraq. This so called "consent" for which much of the media reports as “his legal consent,” was in fact invalidated in court. Most recently, South Carolina hastily gave a verdict and approved Veronica's adoption to this non-related couple against the preferences of the Indian Child Welfare Act, effectively stripping Dusten Brown of his paternal rights, but also stripping Veronica Brown of her due process and Civil Rights as an American and as a Native American child.

Moreover, since this whole ordeal began, the Adoptive Couple has undergone an unrelenting media campaign riddled with public hatred and anger against Veronica' father Dusten Brown for a case that should have been kept confidential as a child under the age of 18. We want each and every organization that were involved directly and indirectly in this case investigated including but not limited to the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, and any marketing businesses that have profited off of Veronica's image. Dusten has been honoring our country, the United States of America, with his military service since the beginning of this adoption. This case therefore is important to military men, women, Native Americans, father's rights, and the constitutional rights of every biological parent to their own child.

We ask for an investigation up to and including South Carolina's forceful removal of Veronica Brown from her “fit” and loving father. We ask for prosecution of any and all fraudulent and/or illegal activity that was involved

Investigate the "adoption" of Veronica Brown

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    • Adoption Hurts LEVITTOWN, NY
      • 2 months ago

      I am an adopted adult. I think adoption should be for children who don't have parents, not children whose parents want and love them.

    • Kathleen L SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • 3 months ago

      Any child is better off with their Birth Parents as long as those parents were not judged to be unfit due to child abuse or illegal substance abuse. In this case the birth father was fighting for our country in Iraq and had his rights violated in the most horrible way! If this is left un-investigated it leaves ALL our servicemen and women vulnerable to this type of abuse of their parental rights!!

      I realise that this case is over a year old but in the long term it can affect the lives of many who have given their time and skills to the US armed services in defense of our freedoms and ironically the same rights that they were denied!

    • Sarah Johns HICKMAN, KY
      • 3 months ago

      Veronica was NOT "Adopted" she was ILLEGALLY KIDNAPPED! She BELONGS with Her Extended FAMILY!

    • Pam Davison NEW PORT RICHEY, FL
      • 3 months ago

      Many reasons, but most of all, because the people have had enough taken away!

    • Margit Alruna Hoffmann FRANKLEBEN, GERMANY
      • 3 months ago

      These children thefts - against the will of their parents or other possible Native American caregivers - such as the grandparents of the child, are inadmissible and in Kindesentfürhrung even a criminal offense.

      These children, like all children of families not of Indian origin, the right to grow up with your parents or other caregivers from the Tribe.

      Maybe you rethink Please times their social policies that they operate in relation to the Native Amerkans and give the birth parents preferred the financial means at hand to respond adequately to raise their children, instead of removing these children from their environment.


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