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  • Petitioned State of North Carolina police department

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State of North Carolina police department

Please appeal decision to have ex-officer reinstated to his job

    1. marni montanez
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      marni montanez

      hillsboro, OR


Trooper Jones kicked and hung his k9 police dog Ricoh and then left him there to suffer over not releasing a TOY. He was fired in 2007 and now reinstated after an appeal and going to get paid 5 years of wages for compensation. Sign this petition to have him charged with animal abuse!

Petition to stop abusive ex-officer from being reinstated
Please sign this petition to stop abusive ex-officer from being reinstated with 5 years back pay. We want the State of North Carolina to reverse the appeal to reinstate the abusive officer who kicked and hung his K9 officer partner, Ricoh.
We want him to be charged with assault on another K9 Officer instead!

We as the public are asking The State of North Carolina Police department to appeal the decision In the case of Mr. CHARLES JONES the trooper who hung his K-9 officer Ricoh, and repeatedly kick him until he released a toy. We now have been informed that this animal abuser won a court appeal to get his job back after being fired for his cruelty towards Ricoh and awarded 5 years back pay!

If the police department and the courts do not respect an officer of the law of the state of North Carolina, then how can the public respect the law officers. This trooper has now gotten away with these cruel actions towards another officer, without any penalty. We find it outrageous that North Carolina would think this is normal training when it's cruelty to a K-9 officer, without any clear remorse. We would like to ask the 3 judges who reinstated Jones with 5 years back pay to OVERTURN this decision and charge this man with assaulting another police officer, Ricoh the K9.

We COMMEND Trooper Ray Herndon who took action in representing his department with integrity. He videotaped the assault because he was sympathetic to another officer (Ricoh) in trouble. This showed what the Citizens of North Carolina should look for in an officer, in being compassionate and maintaining the law, even if it meant turning in another officer.

We are also asking that NORTH CAROLINA POLICE department change its brutal training methods for K-9 officers. We are asking for non-brutal training methods and that respect the safety and health of ALL K-9 officers. This kind of training is now being brought to the animal advocate public and is not approving from all dog trainers!

Please see the news story which aired when Mr. Jones was fired. A quote from Secretary of crime and control and public safety (who did extensive research,) was quoted as saying; Mr. Jones abusive actions toward the K-9 officer, Ricoh, “That was not acceptable within Highway Patrol policy"
We ask that Mr. Charles Jones be charged with animal cruelty and charged for assaulting a K9 officer.

We are planning to make this news go VIRAL.

Marni and Animal & Pet Support Group

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    • Tonya Barber WILMINGTON, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      That's disgusting behavior that shows what kind of person he is. I would not want him out "protecting and serving" myself, other humans OR animals!!!!

      • over 1 year ago

      Ricoh was a member of the police force. The punishment should be the same as if the trooper had done this to any other officer! Unbelievable.

    • Liam O'Neil WILMINGTON, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      This is completely unacceptable to be paying an officer who is a dangerous criminal. Animal murder is a strong indicator of psycopathy

    • Denise Stubbs ATLANTA, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      He not only murdered a dog he killed HIS PARTNER! This was a police officer he murdered. He should rot in jail like every other person that has ever killed an office.

    • Sandra Schwager DALLAS, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      This man should have been charged with a felony just like the next Joe would have for abusing this K9 dog or a official police officer.


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