In the Name of Justice Free Barry Beach
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In the Name of Justice Free Barry Beach

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      Montanans for Justice

Barry Beach has spent nearly 30 years in Montana prison, despite persuasive evidence that he is innocent of murder, and now it is time for the State of Montana to free him to be a productive citizen in our community. If something is not done now, Barry will spend the remainder of his life behind bars.

As a young man being interrogated by Louisiana police, Barry falsely confessed to an unsolved Poplar, Montana, murder and was convicted and sentenced to 100 years, no parole. Barry has persistently maintained his innocence but has struggled to prove it in court, in part because the state destroyed critical DNA evidence. But we know that more than 25% of people later exonerated by DNA evidence falsely confessed, and we know that the criminal justice system sometimes makes critical mistakes.

In 2011, after a district judge heard two days of detailed testimony from several witnesses who had received repeated confessions from the real killers, and a credible eyewitness to the murder, he ordered a new trial and released Barry into the care of local supporters active in prison ministry. Barry started his own business and worked full-time, was active in his church and other volunteer activities, and successfully rebuilt a life with his family after 29 years of separation.

But on May 14, 2013, a split Montana Supreme Court overruled the new trial order, and the next day Barry returned to prison after 18 months of thriving as a free man. The mayor of Billings, Montana, where Barry lived, called his return to prison a loss for the community.

Although a slim majority of the court said the district judge had applied the wrong legal standard and dismissed Barry's case, the dissenting justices lamented this "final chapter" as a mistake that may cement an injustice, observing that "we are not final because we are infallible, but we are infallible only because we are final," and noting unresolved questions such as the fact that no witnesses or physical evidence had tied Barry to the murder. 

 It is unjust and unacceptable for an innocent Montana man who has recently proven himself as a law-abiding, productive citizen to spend the rest of his life in prison. As concerned people from all walks of life who pay taxes and are active in our communities, we cannot allow this to happen. An injustice to one is an injustice to all. We call upon the state of Montana to find a way to achieve justice for Barry Beach and return him to our community so that he can continue to live as a productive, law-abiding free man.

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    1. 19,000 and COUNTING...ALSO see the NEW PETITION for Barry Beach

      See the link for another petition for Barry Beach. This is for MONTANA voters, but out-of-state people can still participate by printing the report and sending a letter to the Office of the Inspector General in Billings MT. See the Cause Page for more details.

    2. For Montana's Concerned Voters - A New Petition is Here

      We have added a petition for MONTANA RESIDENTS ONLY that is asking the Attorney General to address the misconduct in the case of Barry Beach. If you live in Montana, please read the report at the site below and if you agree, sign and share! Thank you.

      Tim Fox: Investigate Misconduct in the Case of Barry Beach

      For Montana Voters-- State Of Montana, Attorney General Tim Fox: Attached is a report titled Points of Misconduct which we, the people, would like...

    3. Reached 17,500 signatures
    4. A Letter from Barry Beach

      Nearing 17,000 signatures, we need your help getting the word out. Also please visit and like our Cause Page at Meanwhile, enjoy this letter from Barry himself.

    5. FREE BARRY BEACH Rally Date is Set!

      Mark your calendars and come to the Billings Rally if you can to support Barry Beach. Even if you can't make it to Montana, you can visit the new CAUSE Page at to find out more about the ongoing action in this case and show Barry your support. Be sure to share with friends so we can get more LIKES for Barry Beach. We are approaching 2000 and we need your help.

      BB Free Support Team - Billings - Barry A. Beach #21520 | Facebook

      Barry A. Beach #21520 posted this photo on 2014-08-09. 0 likes. 0 comments. 0 shares.

    6. Reached 15,000 signatures
    7. Montana Judge Says Beach Still Deserves New Trial

      The District Court Judge who ordered a new trial for Barry Beach in 2011 after hearing two days of new evidence regarding Beach's innocence spoke up a few days ago, saying despite the Montana Supreme Court ruling that threw Beach back in prison, he still believes a new jury should hear the evidence that could clear Beach after serving 29 years in prison.
      Read the story here:

    8. Reached 3,000 signatures
    9. New Article Casts Further Doubt on Beach Confession

      Yesterday's Great Falls Tribune highlights the troubling record of the detective responsible for eliciting Barry Beach's confession. He extracted false confessions from Barry and other people over a long career, which is especially important given the Montana Supreme Court's reliance upon Beach's confession in their decision to return him to prison.
      Read John Adams' May 27 article here:
      Thank you for sharing this petition far and wide!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Sandra Tocyloski SAINT PAUL, MN
      • about 6 hours ago

      I believe strongly in Barry Beach's innocence. A signed, possibly cohersed, confession by a frightened 20 year old young man does NOT make him guilty. It makes him a frightened 20 year old man. I do not believe there was any evidence to find him guilty, without any doubt.

    • Harvey Brown RICHEY, MT
      • about 10 hours ago

      Because I think he is innocent.

    • vikki cooper FAYETTEVILLE, GA
      • about 14 hours ago

      This is just wrong on all levels! There is no proof that I have heard that he is guilty and even if he was he has proved himself a productive citizen. Even people that plot and kill multi people aren't usually given a sentence like this! He was railroaded!

    • Laurie McConnell BILLINGS, MT
      • 3 days ago

      not guilty - needs more investigating

    • James Forthun SEELEY LAKE, MT
      • 3 days ago

      Strip power from the parole board


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