State of Mississippi: Bring Back the Magnolia Flag
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State of Mississippi: Bring Back the Magnolia Flag

    1. Kevin Slark
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      Kevin Slark

      Jackson, MS

Mississippi's current flag was introduced in 1894, during a period which politicians were disenfranchising African-American and poor white citizens from all aspects of society, as a result the state's current flag features the "Stars and Bars" battle standard of the Confederate States of America. The image Mississippi exudes to its own citizens and the world through the blatant inclusion of Confederate heraldry is less than optimal and downright offensive to some.

Mississippi needs to change its flag to something that represents our state's history and is distinctive our land. Fortunately, this flag already exists. It is the Magnolia Flag, originally derived from the "Bonnie Blue" flag used by the West Florida Republic, Republic of Texas, and throughout the South during the early days of the secessionist movement. It was created in 1861 by adding a white field with the Magnolia Tree in the center, an unmistakable emblem of our state. Some versions have a red bar added to the fly, ensuring this attractive flag integrates all the colors of the United States of America and the other countries that have flown their flag over what's now the Great State of Mississippi. Unlike the current flag of 1894, the Magnolia Flag represents the proud of history of Mississippi, from our Antebellum society through the Civil War to Reconstruction. It offers an authentic symbol of southern values dating back to 1810, plus a real representation of the Mississippi landscape with the Magnolia Tree. The Magnolia Flag is the true heritage and tradition of Mississippi.

In 1894 the Mississippi State Legislator took it upon themselves to discard the Magnolia Flag, why can't they do so in 2013 to help show the world Mississippi is more than the ghosts of a war fought 150 years ago?

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      Kevin Slark
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      Please share this with your friends, family, and neighbors in order to show our state's leaders that the people desire a new symbol for our state.

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    • Karen Lee RIENZI, MS
      • 12 months ago

      If the state has really foresaken it's horrid past, the flag should be changed.

    • Gerald Tom LOMPOC, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am a Mississippi native who in 1970, as an eager first-year teacher in Natchez, tried unsuccessfully to mount a drive to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from our State Flag. I am amazed that this change has yet to be accomplished.

    • Jeffrey DeBlieu MANTEO, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      Born and raised in the Magnolia State. The confederate reference in the current state flag is nothing to be proud of. It may be part of the state's heritage - but it's not all and certainly not the best.

    • Matthew Campbell OCEAN SPRINGS, MS
      • about 1 year ago

      I'd be proud of this flag. The other not so much.

    • Kay Sloan CINCINNATI, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      The Magnolia flag is our true history, predating the antagonism and trauma of Reconstruction, and heralding both history and the future. Please bring it back!


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