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State of Illinois Legislature

Repeal the Act restricting drain cleaner and caustic chemical purchases

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      David Greenberg

      Highland Park, IL

Because this law won't protect a single person against attack by a determined criminal. All it does is to increase the scope of State incursion into our private lives, create databases of purchases to be mined by all willing to issue a FOIA request or subpoena, and it likely won't do anything to deter a single crime. Moreover, one could simply use a different substance to commit a criminal act (e.g.: gasoline). There are already laws on the books that deal with misuse of substances for criminal activities, those should be enforced.

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    • Laura Konter LAKE VILLA, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Spend the time you waste making crybaby laws on FIXING the financial mess you put us in! You work for us, stop telling us to pay and obey.

    • David Greenberg HIGHLAND PARK, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Because this law is ludicrous, and an invasion of our privacy. I refuse to give up my privacy on the premise that *some* fool criminal, somewhere will do something nefarious with a particular substance. Prosecute the criminals - leave the rest of us alone.


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