State DOBOR Hawaii: Please protect ocean access at Kanaha Beach.Change the outdated rules to reflect the current use.

State DOBOR Hawaii: Please protect ocean access at Kanaha Beach.Change the outdated rules to reflect the current use.

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      Ocean Safety Alliance

Please protect ocean access at Kanaha Beach

State DOBOR is considering enforcing a 25 year old rule that would block the current access for most water users from over 3000 feet of Kanaha beach shoreline.

The current level of access has been enjoyed by generations of surfers, windsurf, kayak, outrigger canoe, standup, fishermen, and divers. The current arrangement has been accepted by the community for 25 years. There was a good balance that made sense with different areas designated to their most suitable uses. The Old rule that was intended to create exclusive swim zones located close to the lifeguard tower, and the current swim zone (marked by buoys) has been used and respected for two and a half decades. Also several years ago the lifeguard tower was moved and since then the life guards themselves have set up a new swim zone, adjacent to the camp ground, right next to the new tower. This arrangement also works very well, but this new swim zone would also be lost if the old rules aren't changed. If this happens access will be blocked for a huge part of the shoreline and most of the user groups will be displaced. This will lead to overcrowding and potential problems in the remaining areas. We want the DOBOR to change the outdated rules to reflect the current use, and officially recognize the new swim zone as well. Please help protect ocean access for all water sports users at Kanaha Beach

Please protect ocean access at Kanaha Beach.
Change the outdated rules to reflect the current use.

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    1. Progress report on changes to Kanaha Beach Access

      Aloha Friends of Kanaha,

      We are very happy to report that we recently had a productive meeting with the DLNR Chairperson, William Aila and many others to whom you have written. The Department has heard your concerns and would like to work with the community to amend the rules to better reflect acceptable uses. We are confident that when we finish the process, our beloved Kanaha will be an even better and safer place for all. A phased approach to buoy installation will be implemented at Ka'a Point, where the trouble began. This approach will mitigate disruption at Lowers and Uppers during the amendment process.

      As a reminder, all vessels are governed by Coast Guard Right-of-Way Rules and other State Rules for the North Shore Maui Ocean Recreation Management Area.

      Existing Coast Guard Right-of-Way rules include :

      Starboard (right hand forward) has right of way over port.
      Windward vessel shall keep clear of leeward vessel.
      Overtaking vessel

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    3. Proposed Kanaha Beach Park Swim Zones amendment submitted to DOBOR

      Many thanks again for signing the petition of support for the proposed amendment to HAR 13-256-130 Kanaha Beach Park Swim Zones. On Wednesday December 4 we mailed the proposed amendment with all of the supporting documents (including all of your comments) to Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources-Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation (DLNR-DOBOR.) The amendment process is clearly defined in HAR 13-1-26. DLNR-DOBOR has 30 days to deny our submission or initiate public rulemaking procedures. Of course we are hoping for the latter, but it is not a foregone conclusion by any stretch.
      You can see the exact proposal and find more information at where we will also post updates as events unfold.
      Now is the time for coalition building with all interested parties. In particular, if you have friends or family that fish, dive or canoe paddle at Kanaha, please seek them out and let them know that this is important to all of us.

      Kanaha swim zone buoys current situation

      What's the problem? The state is preparing to install three sets of buoys at Kanaha Beach Park to designate expanded swim zones that will exclude all vessels and watercraft, such as kites, canoes, windsurfers, surfers, and standup paddlers. About 3500 feet of shoreline currently open to any use will become exclusive swim zones.

    4. Send a CC of your testimony:

      Please also send a copy of your testimony to:

      Acting Maui District Manager

    5. Address to send your testimony letters to:

      Email your testimony letters to:

      Send regular mail to:
      DLNR boating division
      Edward Underwood, district manager
      333 Queen Street, Suite 300
      Honolulu Hawaii 96813

      *please cc a copy of your testimony emails to,

    6. Please share your personal testimony

      Please sign this petition, and share your testimony. Please tell the decision makers how this will personally affect you, and describe why taking away more access is such a bad idea. Kanaha has many unique and rare conditions in different sections that cannot be replaced. Windsurf and Kitesurf access is already very limited on Maui and vital launch/sailing areas like "Kooks cove", "Lowers" and "Ka'a Point" are irreplaceable. Please write a letter to DOBOR and post your testimony on the petition page as well.


      TO: Mr. William Aila


      Board of Land and Natural Resources

      Mr. Ed Underwood


      DLNR-Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation

      November __, 2013

      RE: HAR-13-256-130

      Aloha Chairman Aila and Mr. Underwood,

      I support the current physical locations of the swim areas and launch areas at Kanaha

      Beach Park for the various ocean activities as they have actually been operating for

      many years. The current system seems to minimize conflict and maximize safety.

      I think that installing the buoys according to the outdated Rules will cause unsafe

      crowding and mixed use, and create many dangerous conflicts.

      I hope that you may find a speedy resolution.




      (swimmer, diver, fisherman,

      windsurfer, kitesurfer,

      canoe paddler, SUP paddler,

      surfer, other_________________)

    8. Regarding testimony:

      Please note that these State DOBOR rules are "administrative rules", that are formed by the "judgment of the administrators", it is important that all of the dialog with them be non-threatening.
      They have the mistaken impression that there is a "storm brewing" over that single incident at Ka'a Point. We need to convince them that we've gone 25 years with a near perfect track record of harmony among all activities.

      Its important that all comments remain respectful of all other resource users, especially the traditional users - dive and fish. Comments to any authority should be factual and informative, regarding safety concerns mostly. Try to keep the comments focused on constructive input, and civilized, truth seeking dialog.

      We obviously have plenty of support from windsurf and kitesurfers. But we also need support from swimmers, divers, canoe paddlers, and fisherman.

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    10. Urgent Action Needed

      Mr Ed Underwood from DLNR-DOBOR just confirmed that the State is moving forward and preparing to install three sets of swim zone buoys at Kanaha Beach. These buoys will designate the expanded zones that will exclude all vessels and watercraft. This includes; kites, canoes, windsurfers, surfers, SUP etc. The expanded zone includes about three thousand five hundred (3500) feet of shoreline that will become a exclusive swim only zones. This represents a huge increase over the currently used areas. Now any vessel or craft that attempts to enter or cross these expanded zones will be subject to increased enforcement which includes; fines and possible confiscation of equipment. The DLNR has already built the buoys and plans to install them.
      Immediate action is needed defer the installation of these buoys, until a better management plan can be reached.
      Concerned people should contact the authorities to try to persuade then to defer the buoy installation, and amend the management plan.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jake sausman LOPEZ ISLAND, WA
      • 19 days ago

      I'm a Kite surfer.

    • Richard Hungerford ANACORTES, WA
      • 19 days ago

      Kite surfer's care about the the beaches and the safety of everyone on the beaches. Please consider how these changes will affect everyone invloved.

    • Michael Gallagher SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • 21 days ago

      Been Windsurfing Kanaha for 25 years.

    • Dave Sanford BELLINGHAM, WA
      • 21 days ago

      The oceans are such a huge part of our lives and deserve to be respected and used with care.

    • Ronald Adler BERKELEY, CA
      • 21 days ago

      I go to Maui every year specifically to windsurf at Kanaha Beach Park. If access is denied, I will stop going to Maui! Definitely!


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