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Start A Canned Food Drive

Start A Canned Food Drive

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Local food banks are running low on food. With the current situation of the economy, more people are turning to food banks to help feed their families. You can help by setting up a collection barrel at your work, school or church. E-mail your friends and  send out flyers asking for donations. Donate the food you collect to your local soup kitchen, shelter or food bank.

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    • Kathleen Mitro DAYTONA BEACH, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      What would be even better is for people to become aware that it is a crime to feed the homeless in most cities in the United States now. I know as I was threatened with arrest and fine for passing out sandwiches in my community and told I had to stop. The soda ban mayor , Bloomberg has banned all donations to food banks saying he can't assess their nutritional value. Philadelphia says it's an indignity to feed outdoors and makes it a criminal action punishable by fine and prison. The best thing people can do to feed the hungry is to stand up to the government and say we will not let you sit on food aid for the hungry. There is also a bill that needs to pass called the Mitro/McHenry Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Law for all food establishments making it law that all edible food must be donated at the end of each day to the hungry.

    • Joycey Berry CANTON, NC
      • about 5 years ago

      Thank you for making the pledge "Start A Canned Food Drive"

      This is a great idea.

    • Casey Cox THREE RIVERS, MI
      • over 5 years ago

      There are so many ways to fulfill this pledge. My 14 year old son collects can goods at the church and after service on the first Sunday of the month we box them all up to take to the local food bank. He's also asked the members of the church to "adopt" a family at Thanksgiving and Christmas that the church supplies with a meal a gifts for the family on Christmas. He and his father are also members of the S.A.L. (Sons of the American Legion) and have organized a food drive during the holidays to supply local families with meals for the holidays. This is just a 14 year old boy I am talking about, if he can get his peers, church members and family to get involved what can wee do? That is the question we should be asking ourselves. And then we should do something about it! I know that our local store has 10 for $10 and when they do we take $20 or whatever we can afford and shop just for the food bank.

      • over 5 years ago

      I have done many food drives.  I worked with Friends of Seasonal Workers and we raised money ($2500) by selling tacos, burritos, etc.  Enough to start a health clinic.  We have had food drives for Thanksgiving (I personally got 25 turkeys one year) and Christmas.  We do toy drives at Christmas.  I volunteered on many occasions for the Gleaners (pick leftover fruit, collect leftover form Farmers Markets, collect leftover bread from stores and bakeries) andgive out food every Saturday to all the starving Armenians in Beaverton, Oregon. I am a Starving Armenian myself.


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