Star Ranch Wants More than a Ranch in Campo near Tecate/Se desea algo más que un rancho en Star Ranch cerca de Tecate
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Star Ranch Wants More than a Ranch in Campo near Tecate/Se desea algo más que un rancho en Star Ranch cerca de Tecate

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      Alan Francisco

      San Ysidro, CA

(Se lee en español más abajo.)

    Sprawl should be almost unthinkable in Campo. The latest Star Ranch proposal suggests it isn't:

To the long-term grazing effects this project adds a "Potentially Significant Impact" to "Agriculture," "Aesthetics," "Air Quality," "biological resources," "cultural resources," "Geology and Soils," "Hazards and Hazardous materials," "Hydrology and Water Quality," "Noise," "Population," "Public Services," "Recreation," "Transportation and Traffic," and "Utilities and Service Systems".

    The planning group could only make a recommendation, but five out of nine Campo planning group members voted against the project.

    Residents don't believe it fits the Campo character:

All the planning effort and controversy is for recreation, wastewater treatment, housing, and commercial centers, which the community isn't lacking.

    Only having been within a few miles of Campo, I don't like the project either.


    No se debe pensar en la expansión urbana en Campo, pero la última propuesta de Star Ranch sugiere esa:

(En inglés)

A los efectos de pasto a largo plazo este proyecto le añade una posiblemente considerable perturbación para agricultura, estética, calidad del aire, recursos biológicos y culturales, geología y suelos, amenazas y residuos peligrosos, hidrología y calidad de agua, ruido, población, servicios públicos, recreo, circulación y tráfico y sistemas de servicio.

    La comisión de planificación solamente pudo ofrecer recomendaciones, pero cinco de los nueve miembros votaron en contra del proyecto.

    Los residentes no creen que encaje este en Campo:

(En inglés)

Se planifica todo y se crea esta controversia por recreo, tratamiento de aguas residuales, habitaciones y centros comerciales, que no hacen falta.

    Nunca estuve dentro de unos kilómetros de Campo, y tampoco me gusta el proyecto.


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    • Jan Hedlun POTRERO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I live out in the backcountry in Potrero, which is only a few miles away from Campo. The Star Ranch project will affect more than those who live near that environ. It will affect our aquifer, our night sky, our traffic, our peace and tranquility - the very reasons many of us moved out here to begin with. Plus the fact that this is another case of being told one thing and getting another. With gas prices and the economy the way it is there is a direct reflection of what will happen to this promise - look right across the valley to the other Campo debacle of houses that are standing vacant with their promises as well. NO NO NO to the Star Ranch development!

    • Diane Richards CAMPO,, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      The only people that will benefit from this project are the owners and investors. They don't care about our community. SHAME ON THEM!!

    • tina mccunney POTRERO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      The cost of this project, in terms of natural resources and rural character, is too high; and irreversible.

      • about 2 years ago

      This project is ill-conceived by developers who don't live in the area and don't care about the residents or wildlife in the area. It would forever change the simple beauty of our backcountry.

    • Joseph Carmody CAMPO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      The problem is that it is too much, too big, too much impact.


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