Exonerate An Innocent Man
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Exonerate An Innocent Man

    1. Tonnisha Pirant
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      Tonnisha Pirant

      Clarkston, GA

Can you imagine how hard it is to see and know you love a person everyday, but at the end of the day those moments are snatch away from you because, that person is serving an unrealistic sentence for a crime he did not commit.
As of September 27, 2012 Stanley Waiters would have done 18 years for murder charges. He has been in the prison system since he was 17! He tried so many appeals. It is really hard to maintain attorneys, and not to forget how expensive it can also get.
What upsets me, frustrates me, and saddens me is our judicial and legislative system! How could you find a human being GUILTY when there was not any evidence against this man? He fought this case for a year in Illinois Cook County system on September 27, 1994; before he was sentence to at least 75 years in Illinois prison system.
Anytime when you have been found guilty of murder because your so called "friend" who was sixteen at the time, turned state evidence on Stanley in return to receive a reduce sentence- it is beyond shame and sadness in our court laws and system. There were no witness (at the time of Stanley's custody) nor was there any gun powder residue on his hands. All the burden of proof was on his friend, so what happen? Why did the system fail my Stanley?
I have been fighting this for quite some time now and I want justice for Stanley. I want the governor of Illinois to find a heart, some conscious of justice, and humanitarian for Stanley Waiters. Release him from prison as well as this nightmare he has been in for almost18 years- a crime he did not commit. Thank you.

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      Tonnisha Pirant
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      When we put ourselves in someone else shoes we learn how to become selfless; which in return only builds our character even more. Helping an innocent man will give a person freedom that we have so freely everyday.

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