STANDFast against genocide!

STANDFast against genocide!

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      Joshua Levy

      Brooklyn, NY

December 3rd is STANDFast - a day to give up one small item - like a newspaper or cup of coffee - and donate the money that you would have spent on that item to protecting civilians from genocide.

Will you STANDFast against genocide? Learn more and register at:

The money you donate supports Genocide Intervention Network's civilian protection projects, which provide direct protection to people living in Darfur, Sudan and Eastern Burma. Our projects work with local people to identify ways that we can help keep them safe.

In Darfur, guarded firewood patrols help protect women from rape and attack while they are out gathering the wood they need for cooking. In Burma, providing hand radios to villages allows them to warn each other of an approaching attack.

Here's what your money can do...

$3 can allow a woman to safely collect firewood for one week.

$5 enables urgent warnings of an attack to reach villages in Eastern Burma.

On December 3rd, please STANDFast against genocide.

~ Janessa Goldbeck, Membership Director

PS See who else is participating in STANDFast by joining the Facebook event:

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