Stand with President Obama to Protect Consumers Over Wall Street

Stand with President Obama to Protect Consumers Over Wall Street

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Nearly three months ago, President Obama selected Richard Cordray to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- an agency put in place by Wall Street reform to protect regular folks in the financial system. The sooner Cordray is confirmed, the sooner the CFPB can continue to do the big things we need them to do -- like taking on predatory credit card and mortgage lenders and bait-and-switch creditors.

Now, Cordray's nomination is up for a vote before the full Senate -- and Republicans in Congress are saying they won't support him. They aren't saying Cordray is unqualified, because his qualifications are exceptional.

They are opposing him -- and any other nominee -- because they don't want the agency to exist at all. But it does -- it's the law of the land. And it's long overdue that we have cops on the beat protecting consumers from Wall Street abuses.

Don't let them get away with stopping that enforcement before it starts.

in support of President Obama’s nomination of Richard Cordray as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The CFPB needs a director to protect the financial interests of middle-class Americans and make sure that everyone who works hard and plays by the rules gets a fair shake.

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    • Robert Fanney GAITHERSBURG, MD
      • almost 3 years ago

      We need to give Obama a clear mandate to fight the bad actors, the corporations who continue to harm Americans, undermine the American dream, and erode the American way of life. It would also help if Obama were to provide a clear message to Congress to Reinstate Glass Steagall.

      Obama had initially pushed the Volker Rule, which would have added a Glass Steagall-like protection to the Dodd Frank Act. But we need more than half-measures. Reinstating Glass Steagall fully would keep the banks and investment firms honest and incentivize banks to invest in communities, not in casino-like gambling on Wall Street.

      In short, defending consumers is about re-establishing fair rules. Rules that help our economy grow sustainably and protect us from excesses, manipulation, and the damage of the latest get rich quick scheme.


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