Stand With President Obama in Support of American Jobs

Stand With President Obama in Support of American Jobs

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Since President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act to get America back to work, folks across the country have joined the President in asking Congress to pass its proposals right away. They're proposals members of both parties have supported in the past, including measures to:

+ Create incentives for small businesses to hire and grow

+ Make investments that would prevent layoffs of as many as 280,000 teachers, provide opportunities for long-term unemployed veterans, and put Americans to work rebuilding roads, railways, bridges, and schools in need of repair

+ Implement the most sweeping reforms to the unemployment insurance system in 40 years to help unemployed Americans get back to work

+ Expand the payroll tax cut, cutting workers' payroll taxes in half next year and providing a tax cut of $1,500 to the average family

This jobs plan -- and the simple idea that every American who works hard and plays by the rules has a fundamental right to economic security -- is a major part of what we stand for as a campaign and as a movement. Sign on to stand with the President in the fight for jobs today.

with President Obama in his fight to pass measures that will help America get back to work right now.

They're proposals that have enjoyed bipartisan support in the past, and we can't wait any longer for Congress to take action.

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    • Colleen Wicklund LAKEVILLE, MN
      • about 3 years ago

      We need people to get back to work & he has put out a good plan to do just that. Congress needs to get this passed.


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