Stand with President Obama and Help Pass the DREAM Act

Stand with President Obama and Help Pass the DREAM Act

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President Obama has laid out a plan to fix America's broken immigration system so that it reflects how we define ourselves as Americans -- a nation of laws but also a nation of immigrants, and above all a land of opportunity.

President Obama has made clear that we've got to reform the system so that we stop punishing innocent young people for the actions of their parents.

We need to pass the DREAM Act and give these young people a chance to earn an education or serve in the military so they can contribute to the country where they've grown up -- the place they know as home.

For years, politicians in Washington have been unable or unwilling to put politics aside and act to fix a system that fails these young people, limits our economic competitiveness, and violates our unique heritage as a country. This change has to be driven by people like us.

Add your voice now: Stand with the President and thousands of people around the country to support the DREAM Act and work to fix our broken immigration system.

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    • Daniela Romero BARLING, AR
      • over 3 years ago

      These kids deserve a right to work and study to make a better future for themselves. It extremelly hurts me to see a young talented kid unable to do anything with his/her life after high school. Everything these kids want to is to WORK. Passing this ACT will generate alot more money in revenue than what it will cost. We are currently in a debt crisis that could be alivated by adding tax payers to the economy. You also have the fees that will be charged, the school tution that will be paid and just the money they will be moving by spending in our economy. It will not hurt our economy and I just don't understand why politicians keep making excuses to not do their Job. WE are paying their salary and WE are giving them the lifestyle that they have and therefore for once they should do something right, PASS the DREAM ACT!

    • Leonore Jordan CULPEPER, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      We are nearly all immigrants. How many of us can say for certain that our immigrant ancestors came here completely legally? They came for a better life. As Americans we have always admired that quality in people - the desire to help one's family. Let's not close the door just because we're inside now.


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