Stand With Jane Fonda for the Truth!
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To Spread the Truth About Jane

Stand With Jane Fonda for the Truth!

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Last week QVC cancelled an appearance by Jane Fonda just hours before she was set to appear. The network received an unspecified number of callers who opposed Jane’s appearance due to the continued hate fueled lies regarding her protest of the Vietnam war.

Jane’s appearance on QVC, which had been scheduled for months, was supposed to be a discussion of her new book, Prime Time, about healthy aging that will be released on August 9th.

Today on her blog -- -- Jane posted a detailed account of her trip to Hanoi. We must stand with Jane and support her courage to combat such hate fueled rhetoric, which aims to create the myth that opposition to war means hatred of one’s country.

Extremist organizations have shamefully begun using the QVC cancellation to continue to spread lies and hate. One email from the extremist conservative PAC ‘Move America Forward’ recounted lies about Jane’s advocacy that have been debunked numerous times over the past 40 years. While suggesting she be tried for treason, and calling her a Communist, they ask for money and vow to “never forget”.

We stand with Jane against these vicious attacks, and support her in standing up to extremists who do not care about the pain they inflict on Veterans and their families by spreading horrific lies.

Enough! Time to take action: We Stand with Jane for Truth.

- Read Jane Fonda’s detailed account about her trip to North Vietnam.

- Repost Jane’s blog on your own website.

- Share Jane’s post to your Facebook pages, and on Twitter.

- Sign this pledge to let Jane know you stand with her.

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The Women's Media Center

Veterans for Peace   Military Families Speak Out


To Spread the Truth About Jane
Thank you for sharing your truth! I am passing it on to my friends and want you to know that I stand with you against these viscous attacks and spread of hateful lies. I applaud you for standing up to extremists who do not care about the pain they inflict on Veterans and their families by spreading lies.

Onward to peace and justice,

[Your name]

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    2. Jane Fonda: The Truth About My Trip to Hanoi

      Jane Fonda has posted a detailed blog post about her Vietnam-era trip to Hanoi to counter the vicious lies extremists have been telling for 40 years. Stand with Jane for the Truth - sign the petition to show your support for Jane!


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    • Sara Griffin COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
      • 5 months ago

      I'm sorry the petitioning is closed as I would gladly sign. My uncle soldiered in Viet Nam and it was a dark period in his life he never fully emerged from. He was fortunately not a POW, but he was infantry and witnessed many horrifying events that I only got a few hints of in his letters home. I believe Ms. Fonda's version of events and I resent the actions of those who promote the lies that surround her trip. Those who would callously disparage a compassionate approach while they attempt to orchestrate such volumes of death, misery and starvation will have their rewards. But I choose to stand with Jane Fonda on the side of justice and peace.

    • Michael P. Scott INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • about 3 years ago

      I am a Viet Nam veteran who thinks Ms. Fonda was right when she went to NVN and remains right today.

    • Thomas Hawk CUMBERLAND, MD
      • about 3 years ago

      As a Naval Academy graduate (1964), a Vietnam war veteran (1968-1969), Co-chair of the anti-war effort on the Harvard Business School campus (1969-1972), and a student of the history of the Vietnam war, I concur with Jane's insignt.

    • Gloria Donohue SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      I also demonstrated and opposed the war in Vietnam. It was an abominable war that killed and maimed so many American service members and innocent Vietnamese. For what? An irrational fear of Communism and a made up domino theory by the military/industrial/political complex , which by the way, did not occur. And now Vietnam is our friend and trading partner. When I visited the Vietnam Memorial in DC and saw the names of those gallant service members who died for that "complex", I was overwhelmed with sorrow and shame for their needless sacrifice. We who opposed that war were correct and so was Ms. Fonda. If that war had ended sooner, so many of those names on that Wall would not be there. Think about that all you who criticize Ms. Fonda for her heroic efforts to end that War.

    • Dan Lavery GRANADA HILLS, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Hi Jane! I met you in Bakersfield when I worked as an attorney for Legal Aid in early 1973. I navigated marines to Nam in 1967 after graduating from Annapolis. I became opposed to the Vietnam genocidal hostilities in 1966 when in Berkeley visiting friend Jerry Cohen, later to become UFW general counsel. He had just been to Norman Mailer's Vietnam teach-in and confronted me over our actions there. He gave me a reading list and I learned (from I.F.Stone, Ramparts, NY Review of Books, and others). I went to law school, and ended up at the ACLU in LA as the Director of the Farmworker Project for two years(1973-5). Glad Mark Rosenbaum and others represented you in the surveillance case-he's a mench! I still hear these lies about you and see there is a play in LA now to expose the lies and tell your side, but the Swift Boat lie machine is brutal and alive. Keep up the struggle! Love, Peace, Joy, Music, Poetry, and Justice! Dan Lavery


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