Stand With Condo Residents to Keep Marco Rua and His Daughter Home
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Stand With Condo Residents to Keep Marco Rua and His Daughter Home

    1. Alonso Chehade
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      Alonso Chehade

      Seattle, WA

December 2010


Marco Rua and his daughter will be home for Christmas this year, thanks to the hundreds of residents of the condominium where he works as an engineer. With the help of 900 members, the condo residents won a stop to the mid-December deportation of the Ruas.

A message from Marco Rua: "My daughter and me want to thank each one of the people who have supported us during this fight for justice. I remain eternally grateful and this is a clear example that the union is strength, and that the faith in God moves mountains. Now we have to fight for the DREAM ACT and a fair immigration reform for all the immigrants in this country.  Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts, and God bless each of you."

Andrea Rua and her father, Marco Antonio Rua, have been living in the United States for 15 years with their family, Andrea's mother Liliana Rua and 9-year-old brother Renzo Rua. Because of faulty legal advice, Andrea and Mr. Rua have recently been asked to leave the country by mid-December and leave their family behind.

A campaign started by residents of the 204 units at the condominium in North Bethesna, Maryland, where Marco Antonio Rua is a loved and indispensable chief engineer, has brought media attention to the injustice and secured the support of Ben Sen. Cardin and Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who have sent a letter to DHS requesting a deferred action on their deportation.  Read full story >>


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"Hi, I am calling to ask that you defer the removal of student Andrea Rua and her father Marco Antonio Rua. Andrea is a hard-working student and her father Marco Antonio is a loved and indispensable handyman. They are both an asset to Maryland and the United States."

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Photo Credit: Rua's Facebook Support Page

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    1. Condo Residents Battle Deportation of College Student and Father

      Alonso Chehade
      Petition Organizer

      Update: Victory! Marco Rua and his daughter Andrea's deportations have been deferred.
      Marco Antonio Rua, a beloved chief engineer at a condominium in Maryland, came over from Spain with his family in 1995. Mr. Rua and his 17-year-old daughter Andrea...


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