Stand with 40 U.Washington Students Who Were Arrested
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Stand with 40 U.Washington Students Who Were Arrested

    1. Scott Davis
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      Scott Davis

      Seattle, WA

December 2011


This week, the University of Washington ended its 25-year relationship with Sodexo following a massive year-long campaign by student activists and coalition members, including petition creator Scott Davis.

More than 5,000 Washington State residents joined Scott in his campaign to convince university officials to drop the contract.

Writes, USAS, "The decision is a major boost to a campaign by students across the US, UK and Canada in solidarity with Sodexo workers in the Dominican Republic facing a fierce crackdown from the company as they struggle against sweatshop conditions." Sodexo has come under increasing fire in recent years for its treatment of workers at home and abroad.

The University of Washington is the fifth school this year to drop Sodexo, joining Western Washington University, Northeastern University, Regis University and Pomona College. 

Thanks to sustained activism by students like Scott Davis, Sodexo is no longer doing business with public universities in the state of Washington. 

Tell the UW's President Phyllis Wise to listen to students and cut their contract with Sodexo.

On Wednesday May 11th 50 University of Washington students sat-in President Phyllis Wise’s office to demand we cut our current $3.4 million contract with Sodexo Intl, a documented human rights abuser. These 50 students, and many more that were outside, represented the 19 different student organizations that composed the Kick Out Sodexo Coalition. We collaborated on a rigorous 7 month campaign to make UW’s administration aware of these injustices, to educate UW students about the issue, and to demand that we stop doing business with Sodexo.

On Thursday May 19th, 22 students from the coalition staged another sit-in, this time at the University Athletics Department. The second sit-in was accompanied by a rally of over 80 students, and resulted in more student arrests after administration were unwilling to terminate the university's contract with Sodexo.

After 7 months we had been ignored, lied to, and avoided. It was about time that our voices were heard (after all, we’re paying the tuition!).

The UW administration chose to arrest 40 of its students before engaging in any actual conversation.

More info at:

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    1. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      UW alumni are a powerful voice in this campaign. Help us enlist supporters in Scott's campaign by "liking" the UW alumni page and posting on their wall.

    2. Scott Davis
      Petition Organizer

      Last chance to sign! We're delivering the petition today!

    3. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Post a comment on UW's Facebook wall asking them to dump their contract with Sodexo:

    4. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Have a few minutes? Call University of Washington President Phyllis Wise at 206-543-5010 and tell her that you do not support the University doing business with Sodexo.

    5. UW Students Vow Not to Slow Down as 15 More Arrested

      Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      This post was guest authored by UW student Scott Davis and several USAS members at the University of Washington. Davis is the director of Our American Generation and a lead organizer in the campaign for UW to cut its contract with Sodexo.

    6. Reached 5 signatures
    7. Scott Davis
      Petition Organizer

      15 more students arrested! I simply cannot believe they are willing to keep arresting their students. I'm shaken.

    8. Scott Davis
      Petition Organizer

      The Kick Out Sodexo Coalition allies with the Diversity Coalition and 75 students hold Sit In #3.

    9. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      There's been an incredible outpouring of support from UW alum and Washington State residents! Can we get to 5,000 signatures by the end of today?

    10. Scott Davis
      Petition Organizer

      Nationally coordinated Sit-ins have occurred at 4 universities this spring semester as part of the Kick Out Sodexo campaign. Here are news piece and videos from each campuses campaign:

      April 27th 7 arrested at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia:

      May 11th 27 arrested at the University of Washington in Seattle:

      Video of the day after the arrests. Students demand entrance into board of regents meeting:

      May 19th University of Washington students hold 2nd sit in 13 arrests:

      A good article that provides more context on the campaign:

      May 23rd 9 arrested at Ohio State University:

      So far Pomona College has terminated its contract with Sodexo, Northeastern University denied Sodexo during their bidding process for a food service contractor, Western Washington terminated their 150 million dollar contract and over 50 year relationship with Sodexo, Regis University just opted for a different food service provider.

      All eyes on the University of Washington this week.

    11. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Inside Higher Ed profiles the student-led movement for colleges to dump their contracts with Sodexo.

    12. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Photo of students occupying the office of University of Washington President Phyllis Wise:

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    14. Why We Staged a Sit-In at UW

      Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      This post was guest authored by UW student Scott Davis. Davis is the director of Our American Generation and a lead organizer in the campaign for UW to cut its contract with Sodexo.
      After 7 months of polite letter-deliveries, postponed meetings...

    15. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      UW alumna Virginia Faller commented, "I am a 1987 graduate of the UW Law School and a lifetime member of the UW Alumni Association. I am appalled at the UW's loyalty to Sodexo and at its behavior toward those students who tried to get the university's attention through their acts of conscience."

    16. Reached 3 signatures
    17. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Leave a comment on UW's Facebook page about student protests & Sodexo:

    18. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Yesterday, about 30 UW students met with Sodexo executives to discuss allegations of human rights abuses.

    19. Reached 1 signatures
    20. Scott Davis
      Petition Organizer

      Today Sodexo flew corporate relations executives out to talk to UW administration and the Kick Out Sodexo Coaltiion. Lets see what happens.... thanks to everyone on for your support!

    21. Scott Davis
      Petition Organizer

      "This is the war we've given them"

    22. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      UW students remind administration, "we're not going away."

    23. Reached 750 signatures
    24. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      Student sit-ins & arrests continue at UW:

    25. Jess Kutch
      Petition Organizer

      After months of student activism against Sodexo, Western Washington University hires new dining vendor for the first time in 50 years.


    Reasons for signing

    • Anne Sherwood KANSAS CITY, MO
      • over 3 years ago

      The fact that the UW administration chose to arrest 40 of its students before engaging in any actual conversation is terrible. If I were them, or their parents paying tuition, I would be furious! It is her JOB to listen to students on her campus. Not only is it in violation of their right to free speech, it is the obligation of UW to encourage peaceful demonstration and free speech, as well as listen to serious students!

    • arenson paul ARAKAWAKU TOKYO, JAPAN
      • over 3 years ago

      Shame on you, U of W! What did you learn from the civil rights days, the protests against the unjust war in Indo china. You have reverted to pre 1960s, HUAC-style repression. Paul Arenson, director, Japan Human RIghts Appeal (Tokyo and Boston resident)

      • over 3 years ago

      It seems we have not come far in this country since women demanded the right to vote. They were imprisoned, force fed and beatened and we talk about other countries. We are doing the same at war in three countries because we want to bring Democracy to the whole world and yet we put our student in jail. What a joke and the joke is on the American people

    • Derek Muller BELLINGHAM, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      How the hell do they get away with this, from UW to the White House it just doesn't make sense how we let the authorities which govern us get away with shit that is so OBVIOUSLY WRONG. If there is anything I can do to help in this or any other issue, please contact me. I am a design student graduating from WWU.

    • Romy Carver TILLAMOOK, OR
      • over 3 years ago

      Just posted a comment to their FB page, along with a link to: How disgusting that they arrest their students, the very people paying for their livelihood, for doing the right thing.


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