Stand Up for Dignity and Veto Anti-Immigrant Laws in Georgia
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Stand Up for Dignity and Veto Anti-Immigrant Laws in Georgia

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Update 4/15: Georgia just became the first state in the country to pass a copycat of Arizona's SB 1070.  On April 14, the legislature voted to turn Georgia into a “show me your papers” racial profiling state. Governor Nathan Deal now has 40 days to decide whether to sign or veto the bill, but sources say he is likely to sign it. 

Now is the time to tell Governor Deal "Arizona-style laws are the wrong direction for Georgia. Veto HB 87!"


We are at a critical moment and we need your help. Georgia - with a long history of oppression and an equally long history of fierce resistance - is on the brink of implementing Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation.

The bills would drive immigrant workers, families, and businesses out of the state. They would encourage racial profiling and turn Georgia back into a “show me your papers” state, telling police to check on immigration status during routine legal "stops." The bills would also force private employers to use the flawed E-Verify database.

Arizona's SB 1070 has already cost the state millions of dollars in lost tourism and litigation. With the economy as it is, Georgia cannot afford these laws morally or economically.


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    1. As Governor Deal signs the bill amidst streams of protesters, NDLON launches a "Georgia Human Rights Summer" --

    2. BREAKING: Despite protests, Gov. Deal is likely to sign the bill today. According to Somos Georgia: "Hundreds of Georgians will converge at the Capitol today to protest Governor Deal’s decision to sign the controversial HB 87, Georgia’s copycat version of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law." Their protest will begin at 11:45am @ GA Capitol. There will also be a "people's assembly" at 6:30pm @ Trinity United Methodist Church.

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    4. AJC on Georgia tourism, bracing for a downturn --

    5. US Human Rights Network just announced they're moving their conference out of Georgia until HB 87 is repealed.

    6. USA Today: "Obama slams Georgia bill on immigration" --

    7. President Obama speaks against Georgia law: "It is a mistake for states to try to do this piecemeal. We can't have 50 different immigration laws around the country. Arizona tried this and a federal court already struck them down." --

    8. "Black Legislators on Frontline Against AZ-Style Immigration Bills" --

    9. "One Year After SB 1070, States Are Still Grappling with Cost of Immigration Measures" --

    10. Reached 9 signatures
    11. Albany Herald reports: "The Atlanta City Council, fearing a serious financial blow to the city’s multi-billion-dollar tourism and convention business, is calling on Gov. Nathan Deal to not sign controversial House Bill 87." --

    12. Atlanta City Council Joins Call for a Veto: Foresees Georgia Tourism Hurt by hate --

    13. Reached 8 signatures
    14. Georgia Governor Says He Will Sign Arizona Copycat Bill Into Law

      During the final moments of the Georgia legislative session, the state’s Senate and House of Representatives passed Arizona SB 1070-copycat bill HB 87. Business leaders, farmers, immigrant rights groups, and more than 20,000 Georgia residents who...

    15. NYT: Immigrants Are Subject of Tough Bill in Georgia --

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    17. BREAKING: Gov. Deal says he's likely to sign the bill into law --

      Call him now, 404-656-1776, and say: "I urge Governor Deal to veto HB 87. If it passes, Georgia could face a nation-wide boycott and even lose its reputation as a welcoming state. Georgia can't afford this! Thank you."

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    19. Bad news. Georgia just became the first state in the country to pass a copycat of Arizona's controversial immigration law:

      Now, Governor Nathan Deal has just 40 days to decide whether to sign or veto the bill. It's time to ramp up the pressure! Please post this petition link to your facebook status and spread the word.

    20. Vigil Tonight to Protest Arizona Copycat Bill in Georgia

      Tonight, the last day of the Georgia legislative session, we will find out whether the state’s Arizona copycat bill HB 87 will pass or be rerouted.
      In less than two weeks, more than 23,000 signatures condemning the bill have been collected,...

    21. Georgians: head to a vigil tonight on the steps of the Capitol building, 6pm, wear white -- click for the details:

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    23. Thanks to the 1,000+ people who joined the push to block the bill from hitting Gov. Deal's desk: // There will be a vigil at the Capitol at 6pm & more details soon!

    24. Join Georgia activists' 2-day push to block the bill from even hitting the Governor's desk:


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    • Jennifer Chenoweth BONAIRE, GEORGIA
      • about 3 years ago
    • Ivy Farkas SMYRNA, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      They wouldn't come illegally if it didn't take the government 10-15 yrs to just look at their petitions, LOOK at them, that's not even to approve them, much less make them legal citizens! Give them a fighting chance!!!

    • John Newton III STOCKBRIDGE, GA
      • over 3 years ago


    • Josephine Dupey SAINT PAUL, MN
      • over 3 years ago

      I think this HB 87 is degrating and disgusting. The days of slavery hate and ignorance should have been long gone by now. Have you no morals? Anyone in connection with this law/bill should be ashamed of themselves. I am 100% in favor of the VETO of HB 87!

    • Catherine Sullivan CHARLOTTE, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      This is America- most of our ancestors were immigrants- and most without papers! Rather than prosecute, help these folks become productive, tax paying citizens who add to this country!


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