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Stand Up for a Standalone DREAM Act!

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The "DREAM Act Five" sat down in Senator McCain's office and risked deportation to countries they do not remember, and even threats to their lives, just to get everyone else to stand up for the immediate passage of a standalone DREAM Act.

Undocumented youth have waited 9 long years for passage of the DREAM Act, which would allow them to adjust their status in the United States provided they meet certain conditions: they must have been brought here before the age of 16 and be currently under 35, maintained continuous presence for 5 years, have good moral character (as in no criminal record), and complete either 2 years of college or military service.

Led by Mohammad Abdollahi from DreamActivist, the "DREAM Act Five" demand that the DREAM Act be the standard for subsequent immigration reform proposals and not bundled with an unpopular comprehensive immigration proposal that puts enforcement first, promotes invasion of privacy through biometrics, and continues to criminalize immigrant communities.

The DREAM Act has enough support to pass a standalone measure and waiting another year means deferring over 10 million dreams again--because the dreams of immigrant youth are the dreams of their parents as well.

A DREAM deferred is a DREAM denied. Now is the time to take action for the DREAM Act

1. Sign the email petition and follow it up with calls to your Senators and Representatives.

2. Join the civil disobedience actions at TheDreamisComing.com

3. Donate to sustain the DREAM Act Five in terms of their legal costs

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    1. 8 Reasons to Pass the DREAM Act as a Standalone Immediately

      The DREAM Act has arrived. Propelled by sincere efforts of civil disobedience, Dream Activists around the country are articulating a new, refreshing, and powerful movement for immigrant rights. And they want the passage of a standalone DREAM Act...

    2. DREAM Act Supporters Shut Down Busy Los Angeles Intersection

      Rumor has it that the Los Angeles Police Department shut down Wilshire Boulevard at Federal building earlier today in order to defuse a bomb.
      We'll take that as a compliment. The rumored jihadis were in reality none other than DREAM Act youth and...

    3. ICE Releases Undocumented Youth Leaders Detained at McCain's Office

      The three undocumented youth leaders detained for staging a sit-in at Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) office in Tucson, Arizona, were field released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) late last night. They will remain in Arizona supporting...

    4. Three Immigrant Youth Leaders Being Turned Over to Immigration Officials

      They sat down and risked deportation to countries they do not remember, and even threats to their lives, just to get everyone else to stand up for the immediate passage of a standalone DREAM Act.
      Three immigrant youth leaders — Mohammad Abdollahi...

    5. The DREAM Act 5: Youth Arrested for Sit-In at Sen. McCain's Office

      Yesterday, on the 56th anniversary of the ruling in Brown v Board of Education, five immigrant youth leaders, four of whom are undocumented, staged a sit-in at the Tucson office of Senator John McCain. They urged him not to allow Arizona to become...


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