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Stamp Out the Canadian Foie Gras Industry--The Dirty Little Secret

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      Bryan D. Freehling

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Quebec Foie Gras Investigation


The documentary video shows slaughterhouse workers pulling heads off of live ducks, smashing ducks into floors and walls and cutting the throats of fully conscious ducks. Workers repeatedly punch, kick and throw live ducks. Baby ducklings are crushed and suffocated to death in plastic garbage bags. Other ducklings are left to freeze to death in minus 20 degree weather in metal trash cans.

Shame on the Province of Quebec and the federal government of Canada for not taking the appropriate actions to stop this injustice. There is no excuse for turning a blind eye to such cruel treatment of animals.


The entire Canadian foie gras industry is located in Quebec.

•    Three producers – Elevages Perigord, Aux Champs Delise and Palmex – account for the majority of production, but there are several other small producers in the Province.

• Quebec has been producing foie gras for only 12 years. But in that time production has increased to 8500 livers per week, for a total output of 2 tons.

• Today, about 500,000 ducks are killed each year in Quebec’s foie gras industry.

• According to Quebec foie gras producers, they export about 30% of their products to the United States, 10% to the rest of Canada and the remainder is consumed within Quebec.


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    2. Canadian Culinary Festival Takes Foie Gras Off the Menu

      Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      Good news to all the mighty ducks in Canada: Montreal chef Martin Picard will no longer be serving foie gras at the Feburary 4th Winterlude dinner. In fact, Chef Picard won't be serving dinner at all, having chickened out from the "culinary event...


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