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    1. Marney Mckesson
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      Marney Mckesson

      Fort Myers, FL

STALKING LAWS the US Federal Government Must open offices nation wide to Investigate and Prosecute Stalkers for their Victims. Local Police Officers are unable to deal with the situation and more then not make the situation much worse by asking if you have been drinking, doing drugs or treat the victim as though they are just plain crazy then they begin to stalk you to. The reason for this is the Modern Day Stalkers use Technology to Stalk their Victims. Local Police do not have computer forensics teams available to isolate these downloads placed in phones and computers. It maybe someone they know or not know at all. In my case it was the people I had worked for and with. Spy Ware Downloads were installed in my Cell Phone and Computer. You can be GPS Tracked by Cell Phone Spy Ware. My computer camera was hacked so they could watch us in our Home and Strangers would repeat it to us. I Fled to 5 different States with my son and could not get out of arms reach of these people, it continues today! This is a Federal Crime and NEEDS to be DEALT with as SUCH! It is Punishable of 10 Years Minimum PER PERSON AFFECTED. These downloads are available for sale all over the Internet, this DOES NOT mean doing this to someone is NOT a FEDERAL CRIME! In this case a little boy that wanted a home a daddy and brothers or sisters.My Life has been RUINED my sons Childhood was TAKEN from him and it still continues today. Our LIVES will NEVER be the same, we cant remember what it feels like to be safe in our own HOME. Let Me Say Here, A LOT of People Involved THEIR SELVES in HURTING a SINGLE MOTHER and my CHILD. HOW WEAK ARE YOU ALL! There NEEDS to be a FEDERAL OFFICE that has computer forensics teams capable of isolating these downloads and tracking them back to their Perpetrators. This has become an epidemic in our world today! I am tierd of stalking awareness month I am tierd of listening to all the speekers on the sbject and website on how to protect yourself. We Need an AGENCY THAT CAN HELP! THESE CRIMES AGAINST PEOPLE and CHILDREN NEEDS to be DELT WITH NOW!

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    • leslie hernandez MEDFORD, OR
      • about 2 years ago

      Stop leaving us victims vulnerable to stalkers ... police officers that refuse to do the mandatory arrests should be held accountable for not respecting orders of the courts.

    • Paulette McKesson FORT MYERS, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      This has cost my grandson his happiness for way to long. There is no one that does not know better!

    • Marney Mckesson FORT MYERS, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Laws are writen for people that Do Not Know Better on Their Own.


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