Do not add a $500 annual fee increase for all students at Sonoma State University
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SSU President Ruben Armiñana

Do not add a $500 annual fee increase for all students at Sonoma State University

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      SSU Freedom From Fees

February 2014


From Petition Creator: The organizers of the Sonoma State University Freedom from Fees Coalition are pleased to announce a decisive victory today. After receiving 1,265 e-mails from students, faculty, alumni, and their families & friends the President of Sonoma State University withdrew his plans to impose a $500 fee on all students.

In an e-mail statement to the campus President Armiñana, stated “We have also been receiving very detailed feedback from the Associated Student meetings. We hear the concern raised by students about the extra financial burden of this fee. We have decided, therefore, not to pursue the academic success fee at this time.”

Thank you everyone who pledge to never donate to SSU if the fee was implemented. This a solid win for low-income working class students. We are proud of our victory and encouraged that other campuses may think twice before trying to raise fees on students.

Sonoma State University President Ruben Armiñana, is preparing to announce the imposition of a $500 annual fee increase for all students. We strongly believe the campus already has adequate resources to insure that all students can get the classes they need for timely graduation. Solving this problem means that management must decide on priority use of campus resources. Students and their families should not have to bail out campus mismanagement especially when students already take on a burden of debt greater than previous generations of college students.

Please sign to oppose the imposition new fees on students at Sonoma State University, and to pledge to withhold all future donations to the campus until such fees are rescinded.


SSU President Ruben Armiñana, SSU President
Do not add a $500 annual fee increase for all students at Sonoma State University, and if you do increase the annual fee I pledge to suspend all future donations to SSU.

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    • Jake Terpstra G.RAPIDS, MI
      • 8 months ago

      Because education is important for civilization.

    • Ramon Sender SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • 8 months ago

      Took me years to pay off my college loan. Tuition payments should be based on a % of later earnings.

    • Elizabeth Wheeler ROHNERT PARK, CA
      • 8 months ago

      I should not have to pay for President Ruben's own mistakes and feel as though I should not have to pay anymore than I am already paying. My education is important to me, but obviously it is not important to our President.

    • Rachel Deatherage VACAVILLE, CA
      • 8 months ago

      I am an alumni of SSU and I know how hard it is trying to pay your way through college with work, classes and now this? ridiculous.

    • Samantha Montellanos PETALUMA, CA
      • 8 months ago

      I'm a junior at SSU and if the fees increase I will not be able to pay for my education.


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