Square Enix Shareholders: Replace Yoichi Wada or Bring back Hironobu Sakaguchi
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Square Enix Shareholders: Replace Yoichi Wada or Bring back Hironobu Sakaguchi

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      Koyamada Shin

      Tokyo, Japan

20 Sep 2012


The petition will be sent to "some" shareholders to coincide with the next annual Square Enix shareholder meeting in June.


Yoichi Wada is destroying Square Enix and here are many reasons why Wada must go:

1)Moving Square Enix's headquarters based on advice from a fortune teller named Pao (no joke, look it up)


2) Silly comments like this in regard to FF13: "Mass Effect and Fallout allow the players to play with more freedom, and within their story-lines it is quite successful. But we're more interested in things such as first person shooters like Call of Duty." [Source: techdigest]


3)His recent failure with FF14 is just one of them.


4)Another is the huge damage done to the FF brand which he admitted himself. FF used to be known for its amazing stories and turn based atb battle systems where you can control all the characters...suddenly they want to make it like Call of Duty?


5)Making a sequel to the the terrible FF13 game that no one asked for (which by the way sold 66% less than FF13 and sold 66% less than even FF10-2, not good signs for the series)


6)The mangement under Wada is a disaster : annoucing games like FF versus 13 more than 7 years before its released is not a good idea


...too many problems to list. Now because of Yoichi Wada there has been a serious decline in the quality of the console games that Square' Japan studio have developed.


An alternative to replacing/firing Wada is to bring back Sakaguchi, the fans are confident he can turn things around for the company and especially the FF series like he once did when he worked at SQUARE. The company was on the brink of bankruptcy when Sakaguchi had 1 final chance, he called it: F I N A L - F A N T A S Y .

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    • Plinio Balsalobre GUARULHOS, BRAZIL
      • about 1 year ago

      We want GOOD games to play. He is the one we trust!

    • Ronivan Fontanez AMERICANA, BRAZIL
      • over 1 year ago

      Sakaguchi is the mastermind of Final Fantasies series, his opinion and points of view is what creates a great game. He had his failures in the past, but everyone makes mistakes, and thats what make us learn and do better. I would rejoice to play a Final Fantasy new title created by him.

      • over 1 year ago

      To Shin Koyamada, Did you know that Yoichi Wada has resigned? He will be replaced by Yosuke Matsuda. the person Sakaguchi won't be CEO however. So anyways the petition on "Replace Yoichi" is now won and over. I'm glad your petition worked out so it would probably be best to close up the petition. I do miss the old Nintendo Squaresoft 1987-1996 that made better Final Fantasy games without swearing, smut, and real violence. I really miss those kid friendly RPG games.

    • Clif Knight MOSELLE, MS
      • over 1 year ago

      Square use to mean something when it came to video games and entertainment. Mr. Yoichi Wada has done nothing but tarnish it's name since he took over.

    • Jarith Davis HOUSTON, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      Square produced my favorite games before now it doesn't.


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