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    1. Melanie Nathan
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      Melanie Nathan

      Woodacre, CA

THE BI-NAT-VISA    SEE NEW ARTICLE UPDATED 3/28/10     http://gayusathemovie.com  and http://oblogdeeoblogda.wordpress.com/2011/12/06/lgbt-foreign-policy-applauded-and-human-rights-should-start-at-home-with-fiance-visas-and-greencards-for-same-sex-couples/

While we wait for immigration equality under the US Immigration and Naturalization Act -to sponsor our foreign-born spouses, we endure unconscionable and inhumane situations on a day to day, hour by hour basis. 

Our partners are persecuted at our airports by the profiling of ICE officials and arbitrarily turned away, despite having visas; our relationships are denied through our inability to live together in the US, or we live in fear, hiding or exile.  We lose jobs, we lose homes, we lose our time with extended family, we give up our pensions.  We are detained and deported.

Gay and lesbian (same-sex) foreign fiances and spouses cannot enter the USA and stay here under the family petition for a green card, in the same way as heterosexual couples can. 

This has resulted in detention of spouses, exile of Americans, having to choose between their beloved and their country, and also unimaginable separations and expense.

Our exiles and exiles-to-be cannot wait for the impending immigration reform battle, for UAFA to garnish more co-sponsors before accomplishing some rights under the immigration law.  

There is every reason for interim measures to serve the same-sex spouse community as DOMA is heading toward a repeal in the Congress, which in essence could be years long.

Recently Immigration Equality posted this statement on their BLOG when referring to Immigration reform:  "The Senate immigration reform bill will be followed by a House bill, too. In-between, there will be countless steps, challenges and opportunities that must be addressed. As we have seen in the current healthcare debate, legislation does not move easily, or without hard work. Immigration reform will be similar: It is imperative that we build grassroots support for our families, Congressional support for UAFA and broad public support for fair immigration policies."

So just in case UAFA becomes the public option of immigration reform, in case DOMA's repeal takes another 8 years...

I believe that this makes the argument for a stop gap measure to help keep our families together in the USA. We want a SPECIAL VISA.

If you would like to read about the hardship suffered that necessitates such a VISA, please visit,  http://lezgetreal.com/?p=24121

and http://gayusathemovie.com

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    1. Human Rights Starts at Home: REUNITE same sex Couples

      Melanie Nathan
      Petition Organizer

      Visas needed to reunite Same-sex partners with Fiance's and spouses. Secretary Clinton is being added to our Petition: "Leadership means being out in front of your people. Stand up for the dignity of all your citizens and lead your people to do the same. Be on the right side of History.” she said this month!

      LGBT groups have been working avidly on stopping deportations of same sex partners. Where is the work from ORGS to reunite same -sex couples? Help push this VISA idea it is a great awareness tool and who knows maybe someone in GVT will take the leap!

    2. President Obama Pro LGBT Foreign Policy

      Melanie Nathan
      Petition Organizer

      BUT what about VISA's for same-sex couples. Surely human rights start at home?

    3. Updated noting repeal of DOMA is before Congress

      Melanie Nathan
      Petition Organizer

      We need to step this up NOW. Last week, President Obama issued a Proclamation to keep Human Rights violators OUT of the USA. Why cant he do something to bring our Same-sex foreign born spouses INTO the USA?

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