speak out for women in determing the actual link from domestic violence and depression

speak out for women in determing the actual link from domestic violence and depression

    1. Leona  Ashley
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      Leona Ashley

      Massena, NY

Please if you are reading this, please, please continue. This is my life as it could be your own!
I am 34 years old and I have been through hell and back while I was only in my 20's.
Now I am speaking out and trying and trying to tell my story of what my husband really did too me with all his power and control!
I have a very seriouse reason as to why I am trying soooo hard to relate the link between domestic violence and depression because that is what my life became!
Please, if you are reading this you can either relate to it or not or you may have even someone who you know who can relate to my story, and well...
My name is Leona and this is my story

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    • Leona Ashley MASSENA, NY
      • about 5 years ago

      My friends Im sorry if this seemed a bit dramatic, but I must tell ya at that time when I wrote this thats how I was feeling, I wanted to shout out to the world with what my husband did too me, because I felt like I wasnt being heard! but I wrote that a year ago, and its been an ongoing pledge since then. I thank you all so very much for your support on this and for participating in this pledge. 

    • Alan Haggard SAN DIEGO, CA
      • over 5 years ago

      I'm sorry to hear what you've gone through. People who commit domestic violence rarely change. The first thing anyone in this situation should do is to distance yourself from the person who is abusing as much as possible, if you have not done so already. File criminal charges against this person if it continues or if you feel it is necessary. Regardless, do not allow this person to treat you this way. No one deserves to be abused.

      While I've never been a victim of domestic violence, I have had well over a decade of experience with depression, severe depression. To the extent of being suicidal at one point. I can tell you this, it is not something you have to live with forever, but it is always something that is easy to overcome. You can overcome depression, and you will be stronger because of it. The first thing to do is, as I mentioned, end the cycle of violence that is causing or contributing to your depression. End your relationship with this person and do not allow them back into your life. If you have children with this person, do anything in your power to distance yourself from this person and protect yourself.

      Secondly, you have to remind yourself of your self worth. Every individual has a purpose and is valuable in their own way. Everyone has people in this world who love them or care for them, whether they realize it or not. Do not hesitate to seek help from a qualified professional. One of the best ways to cope with depression is cognitive behavioral therapy. Another way is medication, which is generally effective but not always necessary. If therapy and lifestyle changes alone are not effective, you can talk to a qualified medical professional about taking an antidepressant. Personally, I found the first few antidepressants I tried mildly effective, at best, for treating my symptoms. After years of trial and error, and finally researching the causes of depression and anxiety as well all treatments available for depression and the forms of severe anxiety I experience, I determined which prescriptions would be the most likely to succeed, which turned out to be moderately to overwhelmingly successful at treating my symptoms.

      There are of course other things you should try before considering an antidepressants. Exercising regularly has been shown to increase growth in the human brain and counteract the effects of both stress and depression. There are a number of supplements that can help increase neuronal transmission, aid in the metabolism of certain neurotransmitters associated with depression, and a few that actually mimic the functions of prescription antidepressants. Fish oil has been shown to be effective in reducing the severity of depression in many who take it. Vitamin D has also been shown to help people some people with depression, particular those with seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression experienced during the fall and winter. Vitamin B complexes (i.e. B-50 or B-100) contain high doses of naturally occurring vitamins that help to increase your bodies metabolism or production of certain neurotransmitters associated with depression, particularly serotonin. Vitamin B-6 is specifically effective in aiding serotonin metabolism/production, as well as Vitamin C and Inositol. High doses of Inositol have been shown to be particularly effective in treating symptoms depression and anxiety. 5-HTP & Tryptophan are two supplements that also specifically aid serotonin metabolism, but are not always effective. SAMe is an over-the-counter antidepressant supplement, though it's effectiveness has not been established. St John's Wort, an herbal extract, contains naturally occurring ingredients that mimic the activity of certain prescription antidepressants, and has been proven in various clinical studies to be as effective as prescription antidepressants in treating depression, with fewer side-effects. I personally take Fish Oil, a B-50 complex, Vitamin C, and D3 on a daily basis, along with my prescriptions. All of the aforementioned supplements, as well as any prescription treatments, will vary in their effectiveness per individual. Some people may experience side-effects from these treatments, particularly prescription treatments, though they are generally well-tolerated. Most of the side-effects listed with these (and most) prescriptions are not experienced by most people who take them, or will generally lessen or diminish entirely after taking them for an extended period of time. 

      Additionally, you can find more resources on coping with depression and domestic violence here:




      I hope this information is helpful and wish you all the best.


    • anni merejo NEW YORK, NY
      • over 5 years ago

      por que como mujer que soy entiendo que todavia quedan muchas cosas por la cual peliar 

      • over 5 years ago

      I fully understand and can relate to your situation and know how domestic violence has lead to depression in my case too. Not only to loose one's self esteem, but in my case I had to leave my home, pets and I have to try to start all over again  while at the same time i think that it's not going to be easy. Wish you the best of luck and pray that things get better for us and anyone else in this situation.

      • over 5 years ago

      I've been the subject of domestic violence twice now. It took me over twenty years to get beyond the first one but this latest one took me totally by surprise. What I did not experience before,I am dealing with now. Depression. And feeling like failure to my family,my friends and myself. I was successful in business but allowed myself to be totally manipulated by this person. The abuse continues even though it's not "physical" right now. He continues to harass and harang my friends and family and has threatened to kill me innumerable times.The emotional abuse is just as damaging as the physical as it leaves an indelible print on your soul What amazes me is that there are so few resources for help. Living in a shelter,losing everything I've worked for,my pets etc. is more than I can bear. I've thought several time the only way out is ending it all. I am going to counseling but am on the verge of being evicted as my husband wrote NSF checks to the landlord,didn't pay the power bill so the electricity has been cut off and I am living by candle light. I have been job searching but honestly,I've lost 30 lbs on my already lean frame. And due to the depression,my self confidence in the interview process is waning terribly. There are no resources available to "my demographic". Meaning I'm too young for Social security and  my children are grown so no social services. It just feels as though he's beaten me again.


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