Space Needle: Please Raise the Pride Flag for Seattle Pride Weekend
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Space Needle: Please Raise the Pride Flag for Seattle Pride Weekend

    1. Josh Castle
    2. Petition by

      Josh Castle

      Seattle, WA

June 2011


The Space Needle will raise the Pride flag during Seattle Pride weekend! They also want to continue to raise $50,000 through an online fundraiser to help four LGBT charities. This is a real win/win for everyone involved. Those passionate about the Pride flag will get to see it on the Space Needle again. Those who know how desperately our community needs financial support will have a tool to raise $50,000. The Space Needle kicked off the fundraiser with a $5,000 contribution of their own.

Here is the complete statement from the Space Needle:

We are thrilled to report that since Monday we have raised more than $13,000 towards our goal of $50,000 for LGBT charities.

Our sincere intention is to reach out to the LGBT community to raise money for these important organizations and to proudly fly the Pride flag on the top of the Space Needle. We are on our way to our fundraising goal and will be just as excited as the community to see the Pride flag raised on the Space Needle. Please join us in this effort to raise $50,000 or more for the GSBA Scholarship Fund, Lambda Legal, It Gets Better, and Mary's Place!

This is not the first time the Space Needle has organized fundraisers for the community. We had a competition between the Huskies and the Cougars in which the school with the most donations was honored with their flag on the Space Needle. We raised more than $160,000 for the Habitat for Humanity during this fundraiser in less than 14 days. We have challenged many charitable organizations to raise money for humanitarian causes such as our Tree for All holiday project to light our tree at the base of the Needle.

This current fundraiser is a way to raise money for people in the LGBT community who especially need it, such as helping LGBT students pay for college, giving LGBT youth the support they need to keep from contemplating suicide, providing homeless women a safe LGBT friendly place, and providing legal representation to LGBT persons and causes. This was a way the Space Needle could not only raise the Pride flag, but give back even more to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender community.

The Needle has turned down 8 requests this year alone, but it is because of the overwhelming support for this cause that created the opportunity for us to lead the fundraising for these organizations. Again, our sincere intention is to reach out to the LGBT community to help raise money for these important organizations and to proudly fly the Pride flag on the top of the Space Needle. Please join us!

If you would like to contribute towards the $50,000 fundraising goal, you can contribute here:

Learn more here:


In 2010, the Space Needle made history by raising the Pride flag on top of the needle for the first time ever. While the Space Needle is a private company, Seattleites proudly recognize the needle as a symbol of their beautiful city. 

Seattle has the country's 2nd largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. When the Space Needle raised the Pride flag they made the LGBT community feel truly welcome in their home city. Not only did residents celebrate the Pride flag on the needle, but people rejoiced from around the world as news broke about the Space Needle's strong support for LGBT people. The message was clear: Seattle is a welcoming city for all.

The Space Needle has not announced plans to raise the Pride flag for Seattle 2011 Pride. Please join me in thanking the Space Needle for raising the flag in 2010, and ask them to raise the Pride flag again in 2011.


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    1. Space Needle to Raise Pride Flag During Seattle Pride!

      Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      On Wednesday afternoon, the Space Needle posted a clarifying messaging to their Facebook page after some push back from a handfull of people when the Space Needle issued a fundraising challenge in response to a community call to raise the Pride flag...

    2. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will collect donations outside the Space Needle on Wednesday towards the fundraising goal. Details at the link

    3. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Healeo is offering FREE pride flags to anyone who will fly them. 110 flags will be delivered by Tuesday.

    4. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Show your support for Josh Castle's petition, by emailing it to your friends. Click the red "email" button on the petition to send it now.

    5. Reached 9 signatures
    6. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      It is official! 9,000 people want the Space Needle to raise the Pride flag. Can we make it to 10,000? Ask you friends to sign Josh Castle's petition by sharing it on Facebook.

    7. Seattle: Show Your Pride

      Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Inspired by Josh Castle's petition asking the Space Needle to raise the Pride Flag again like they did last year, others in the community have begun to ask businesses to show their Pride as well.
      More than 8,500 people have signed Josh's...

    8. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Seattle Gay News printed a front page story, full with details about who knew what when. Don't miss Shaun Knittel's outstanding reporting!

    9. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Josh Castle's petition on is inspiring others to find ways to celebrate Pride in Seattle

    10. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Wow! More than 8,000 people have signed Josh Castle's petition, and now the Seattle City Council is taking notice

    11. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Inspiring story! Timothy Clemans hopes to break the world record for the most visits to the Space Needle. In a post describing what he would do if he owned the Space Needle, he said he would fly the Pride Flag annually.

    12. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Politely ask the Space Needle to raise the Pride flag again this year by posting a message on their Facebook page

    13. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin told he agrees that the Space Needle should raise the Pride flag!

    14. Reached 8 signatures
    15. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      A spokesperson for Seattle Councilmember O'Brien told he supports Josh Castle's petition and would like to see the Space Needle fly the Pride flag again.

    16. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      From The Seattlest: An Open Letter to the Space Needle: Seattle Really, Really Wants You to Fly the Pride Flag

    17. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Amazing! Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden is prepared to talk to the Space Needle on your behalf. She wants to see the Pride Flag on the Space Needle too!

    18. Reached 7 signatures
    19. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      More than 6,000 people! The outpouring of support for the Space Needle's choice to fly the flag last year is incredible! Send them a thank you tweet

    20. Reached 6 signatures
    21. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Wow! KOMO's Ken Schram, gave the Space Needle a piece of his mind.

    22. Reached 5 signatures
    23. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      Almost 5,000 signatures! Have your friends signed Josh's petition? Share his petition on your Facebook wall. Also ask your friends to leave a polite message on the Space Needle's Facebook walk asking them to raise the Pride flag.

    24. Josh Castle
      Petition Organizer

      Friends, we're climbing to 5,000! Keep posting on your Facebook Wall, use 's very easy email tool to email your contacts, and Tweet away. Please also tell the Space Needle why you love them, how the Pride flag moved you last year, and why it's so important they raise it again this year:

    25. Joe Mirabella
      Petition Organizer

      LGBTQ Nation covered your efforts to ask the Space Needle to raise the Pride flag


    Reasons for signing

    • Mathieu P. ANTIBES, FRANCE
      • over 3 years ago

      Amazing news!!!!

    • Charles Martin NEW YORK, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      I recommend those interested in LGBT issues also take a look at the petition in re to the offensive comments made by Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan!

    • Chris Johnson SEATTLE, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Space Needle,

      I have, for years now, always taken out of town guests and tour groups to the Space Needle and to Seattle Center to show them a great time, and let them get to see such a beloved symbol of our great city. It's always been a delight to watch as people look up at the Space Needle in awe, and to be able to regale them with various stories and tidbits regarding such a magnificent structure.

      In light of your recent behavior; first by your statement that you were refusing to fly repeat flags (uh... 12th man? Sea Fair? You're not going to be flying those again, are you?!), and then requiring a lump sum of monies be collected and given to charity (effectively holding it hostage), regarding flying of the Pride Flag, I'm very disappointed in you. Yes, the Space Needle stands as one of the most recognizable fixtures in Seattle, but now when I'm showing tour groups and personal guests around town, I'll not look upon the Space Needle with the same enthusiasm as I once did, and unfortunately that will show as I'm regaling stories about the Space Needle... now I have one more to tell... a tale of a beloved symbol displaying rank hypocrisy and thug tactics in "support" of another beloved symbol.

      Disappointed in you,

      Chris Johnson

    • James Berg-Bradley SEATTLE, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      Flying the pride flag above the Needle last year was amazing to see. It made me proud to live in Seattle, where they would show exactly how much they supported the gay community. Not seeing it this year? That would be taking many steps back. Seattle is awesome, and they need to continue to show their support to the gay community, as they always have, in a public way. Put the pride flag on top of the Needle, Seattle. It's where it belongs for that one day of the year.

    • Jim Irish SEATTLE, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      Please do fly the Pride Flag during this and future Pride Weekends as your visable show of continuing support for full equality for all people, including the very sizable, productive and vibrant LGBT community in Seattle and throughout Pugetopolis. It is a powerful symbol to our wonderful nation and to the world that Seattle and Washington State care about all people.

      Thank you doing so last year. Your support is always appreciated.

      The Donna and Jim Irish family.


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