Sons of the Confederacy: Remove term "Presidential" from Jefferson Davis Home in Biloxi, Mississippi
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Sons of the Confederacy
Bert Hayes-Davis

Sons of the Confederacy: Remove term "Presidential" from Jefferson Davis Home in Biloxi, Mississippi

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      50 State Strategy

The confederacy never existed. The philosophy of Jefferson Davis was firmly rejected through great sacrifice. Honoring him is an affront to every American who loves freedom, opposes slavery and enjoys the bounties of liberty in our nation.

Bert Hayes-Davis, Sons of the Confederacy
Remove term "Presidential" from Jefferson Davis Home in Biloxi, Mississippi

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    2. Sons of Confederacy Plan Grand Opening of Jeff Davis Library

      Please help stop this horrific honoring of Jefferson Davis.

      Go to and get more people to sign our petition. We will be releasing the letter we sent to Sons of the Confederacy shortly.

      NOTE: Jefferson Davis was never a President of anything.

      The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library
      Official Dedication Celebration

      Saturday, June 1st - 7:00pm
      Invitation Only Black Tie Gala

      Sunday, June 2nd - 9:00am - 5:00pm

      Presidential Lecture Series
      Lynda Crist, Editor of the Papers of Jefferson Davis
      Percival Beacroft, Producer of the film, Jefferson Davis, an American President
      Ken P'Poole, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, ,Mississippi Archives and History
      OT Crowther , Vice President , The White House of the Confederacy in Richmond
      Heath Lee: Biographer of Varina "Winnie" Davis
      Entertainment and Barbecue
      David Delk

      Monday, June 3rd
      Dedication the the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library

      A Grass Roots Super PAC

      50 State Strategy is designed to be a long-term effort to fight in every state of this nation to IDENTIFY, REGISTER and EDUCATE voters and increase voter turnout on Election Day.

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    • Andrew Underwood SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      you lost the civil war. get over it you lost . he is not a president so fuck my tax dollars paying for this un american shit

    • C. Kenny McPherran COMANCHE, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      G. Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury hence the law. Stand your ground should be passed into law in all 50 states. If you were a thug would rather prey on a running victim or one that fights back. If you stand your ground your a lot less likely too be the victim.

    • Teresa Robbins GASTONIA, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      For a change of the stand your ground laws.

    • Jack Radey EUGENE, OR
      • over 1 year ago

      Y'all lost. Get over it. Or does the lesson need repeating?

    • Janice Hopkins GARY, IN
      • over 1 year ago

      I feel helpless at sign a petition is the least i can do.


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