Revise guidelines during emergencies or medical situations.
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Revise guidelines during emergencies or medical situations.

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      Karen Eason


Once a child is approved for SSI, their check amount is based on what their parents or guardians earned income each year.  Therefore, a disabled child could qualify for SSI benefits based on their disability but a parent’s income could be too high for the child to collect any benefits. 

There are a few situations where a child could still get their SSI benefits even if the parents or guardians have earned more money than allotted under the SSI guidelines.  One way a parent or guardian could get extra money into the household is through grants and scholarships for school and this money is not counted towards their earned income which still enables their specials need child to still qualify for SSI benefits.  However, emergencies like major surgeries and the money earned or collected to pay for major medical care and $100-$175 per day in childcare is not considered a special circumstance like grants and scholarships. 

Help me ask Congress and Senate to revise the Social Security guidelines for SSI for families facing emergencies, hardships, or major medical needs.  As long as a parent or guardian can prove the hardship and that they actually spent the money on the hardship or major medical situation then the money collected or extra earned income should not be counted against them.

Why would this money be counted against the families earned income for everyday household expenses?  If circumstances like these zeros out the extra income or the extra money collected.

Help me tell Congress, Senate, and Social Security Administration to make a change to their guidelines for emergencies, medical, or any unusual circumstances costing the family an astronomical amount of debt.  Please help me and others get some of Social Security guidelines revised or changed!

Thank you,                                                                                         

Karen Eason

Social Security Administration/SSI, Congress & Senate
Revise social security guidelines for SSI during emergencies or medical situations.

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