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Eliminate Websites that use their org for political and personal agendas.

    1. Jay Sandy
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      Jay Sandy

      North Sioux City, SD

Attention all followers of Social Media!! Please be aware of organizations such as "change.org", that infuluence the out come of your particular cause because of personal agendas. These organizations are far from non-partisan and will influence the out come of any Petition depending on thier views and feelings on the particular subject. In other words "Conflict of Interest" is not only not in their Mission Statement it is what this website is built on.

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    • Colleen Carlson SERGEANT BLUFF, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      Signing because there was a petition on change.org that I physically saw with my own eyes people on the computer signing the petition and the numbers did not reflect the amount of people at the event that signed. Obviously, the results are tampered with depending on the view of change.org.

    • tom woolley DENVER, IA
      • over 2 years ago

      Welcome to Change.org aka Socialist Policies for the naive.


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