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      GMO Inside

My name is Leah Segedie and I’m a mother of three young boys.

My youngest – just 11 months – is severely allergic to the top 8 food allergens: tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, seafood & shellfish. He is also allergic to all pet dander. When exposed to these things, Steven develops severe eczema that burns, oozes, and sometimes bleeds. He itches like crazy and cries for me to scratch it. This lasts for days at a time.

At 9 months, I could no longer breastfeed Steven because my own milk was causing these severe skin reactions. The food I was eating was passing through to my breast milk and he was allergic. My motherly instinct to nourish my son the best way I knew how was actually hurting him. Yes, even when I eliminated those foods from my diet.

Steven is an example of an extreme case, but allergies among children are becoming an epidemic. In fact, since the mid 1990s allergies among children are up over 400%. When I was a kid, I don’t even remember anyone being allergic, but today, it’s about one in eight children. What is going on?

One thing that is dramatically different is our food. The US government has allowed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into our food supply WITHOUT a label since the mid 1990s. Today GMOs can be found in more than its 85% of grocery store items. Including infant formula.

This is a major problem. Steven could not drink my milk, nor could I give him the nation’s leading infant formula – Similac – because it contained GM ingredients, and with it, the agrochemicals that GM crops are increasingly exposed to. Trace amounts of these chemicals are showing up in breast milk and infant formula.

I’ve learned from experience that it’s extremely difficult to protect our children from GMOs – whether breastfeeding or using formula – and that major corporations like Abbott Laboratories (maker of Similac) are making this so by using GM ingredients.

While the long-term health impacts of GMOs are still being debated, the negative impacts of our increased exposure to the agrochemicals used in GMO farming are not. And when it comes to babies, the most vulnerable, we must exercise precaution.

From a mom who had no choice but to turn to formula – and who was horrified by her options – I am calling on Abbott Laboratories to be a leader and remove all genetically modified ingredients from their formulas. This is not debatable if we want to protect babies.

Join with me in calling on Abbott to remove the GMOs from Similac. And please share this with your friends. Together we can all make a difference. Let’s protect our children because they ARE the future.

You can check out these organizations for more information on the impacts of GMOs and non-GMO feeding alternatives:



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    • melinda paul MARYSVILLE, WA
      • 8 months ago

      Babies, and all people, need a chance to be healthy. We have introduced a despicable process to our foods. This needs to stop

    • Wendy Banks PHUKET, THAILAND
      • 8 months ago

      I am currently in Thailand and newborn has a bit jaundice and isn't gaining weight our pediatrician told me to supplement with formula. A friend gave me Similac. So I just googled it and found it to contain GMOs. That is so frustrating! And the fact that these big companies are fighting to be able to hide the ingredients they use is infuriating! If there us nothing wrong with their product then why can't they list all the ingredients???

    • Nicholas McHale OSHAWA, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      I just had my first child and after researching im a disgusted with companies like Abbott and Nestle who are poisoning our children on purpose. STOP ALL GMO USE!

    • Emma Birch COLUMBUS, OH
      • 9 months ago

      There is a Similac organic but the WIC program which is the biggest customer of Similac formula does not allow organics on their program. This is pushing children of the lower economic sector to not have access to this GMO free? formula for their babies. As everyone knows, most children born to single parents, and raised in the lower economic sectors have the single most drain on our health funds due to poor living conditions and poor access to good quality food supply. I also feel that a petition should be done to also allow access to change the WIC program to allow for organics or to do away with this restriction..if a parent, due to a temporary loss of income, or other living crisis, should we punish the children? Please would someone start also a petition to allow for organics on this program? At least with food stamp or card program, there is no restrictions.

    • vladislav bulat BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      when you buy food ,you buy food , when you want to buy poison you buy poison, i dont want 2 in 1 product, i want them sepparate. NO GMO PLZ


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