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Drop Your Suit Against Joe Zias

    1. Jim West
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      Jim West

      Petros, TN

Joe Zias is being sued in Israel by Simcha Jacobovici because of Joe's outspoken criticism of several of Simcha's projects. We, the undersigned, publicly call on Mr Jacobovici to drop his lawsuit.

1- Because suing persons with whom one disagrees over ideological matters and scholarly issues is inappropriate.

2- Because Joe Zias certainly isn't the only person to object to Mr Jacobovici's various 'findings' and thus shouldn't be singled out in what for all appearances looks to be a simple vendetta.

3- And though we certainly understand that every person is free to travel legal avenues to redress wrongs, we feel that this suit simply harms the field of academic research and may stifle dissident voices to variant theories.

4- If successful, Mr. Jacobovici's (who according to all accounts is a humorous and engaging person) action may inadvertently choke out dissident voices by means of monetary threatenings and academics simply cannot sit by and allow that chilling effect on scholarship to take place.

Therefore, again, we the undersigned simply and collegially request that Mr Jacobovici abandon his lawsuit.

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    • Prof. Donald Ortner WASHINGTON, DC
      • over 2 years ago

      To institute a law suit because of academic criticism is an infantile response that jeopardizes the most essential component of scholarly discourse i.e., vigorous debate about the interpretation of scholarly/scientific findings.

    • Addi Baker MELLE, GERMANY
      • over 2 years ago

      I agree with Matthew Collins wholeheartedly.

      Academia should stand firm on this one. It is the privilege of academics alone to ensure the certainty of knowledge, tell us the truth, or the status quo of it, admittedly, but they alone will do the updating, based on their own expertise.

      There will always be self-appointed, wannabe experts and their gullible audiences. But let’s relax. Those individuals are unqualified and should be disregarded, their motives ignored. It is of no concern to science!

      Of course, there is a duty on the part of experts to criticize, to put things straight; and maybe they are asked to give an opinion, which they will provide if they deem it necessary – IF.

    • Jack Kilmon HOUSTON, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Frivolence lawsuites from laymen against academics on academic matters should not be tolerated.

      • over 2 years ago

      Zias' right to give an academic opinion regarding the research claims of others is fundamental to the core principals of academic debate. Furthermore, Zias generally gives a pretty good opinion.

    • Matthew Collins LILBURN, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      I find it scandalous that Jacobovici even calls himself an archaeologist! He is not one and not even close to being a scholar. He should realize that he is a dilettante and that criticism from real scholars should be expected. In fact, he should be honored that the scholarly world even notices him! I won't even watch the channel that broadcasts Jacobovici's idiotic show.


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