Signs For Life: A demand for the taking down of all Anti-abortion signs in HRM.
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Signs For Life: A demand for the taking down of all Anti-abortion signs in HRM.

    1. Hilary Murphy
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      Hilary Murphy

      Lower Sackville, Canada

When I saw the signs "Luc was born today but his life started nine months ago", " and "ABORTION: aren't we forgetting about someone?" I was appalled. These signs are all over HRM, on pulbic buses, on bus shelters and side street banners and women have to see these every single day. Women deserve to be confident with the choices they make and not be put down because they made a decision they felt was right. Abortion is a human right in Canada. Whether you are pro-life, pro-choice, or pro-abortion, it is a right and is a medical procedure that is available for all women. Women have the right to do with their body as they please. Women should not feel subject to shame and humiliation for having an abortion or for thinking about having an abortion. Is not a simple decison to make. It takes five, twenty, three hundred times to come to a decision. We live in a society surrounded by religion, by capitalist white collar men, by people who believe that they know what is right for us, for women. Women are told they have the right to do what they want with their bodies and yet Religious groups and organiztations such as Signs For Life produce banners and advertisements telling women that abortion is not right. A Woman's life is simply theirs. Women decide what to do with their bodies, women decide how to live their life, their future comes first. Imagine being a woman on a bus and reading a sign telling them that abortion isn't right, as you're on the way to the clinic. Imagine being a woman who has just had an abortion and seing that sign telling them that life begins on that very first day of being concieved. These signs are hurtful, and emotionally traumatizing. Signs For Life are victimizing women who need an abortion for health reasons, women who have been raped, women who want an abortion simply because they are not ready to be a parent. Women do not need a reason to have an abortion, it is a right and does not need to be justified. 

I believe these signs should be taken down so women can feel secure with their decisions and know that they do have choice. These signs are creating such a stir in HRM and have had negative affects on the women population. The picture of the banner is posted directly outside the hopital where abortions are given every day. Women do not deserve this. Someone said "It's a very, very difficult decison for anybody to have to make..and then when they have to go have that medical precedure done, it would be very upsetting to see that on the way in". Not only are these banners posted outside of the local hospital, but 225 buses now cary these messages all over HRM. 

I want these banners taken down, as do the majority of the female population. 

Please sign my petition in hopes for these signs to disappear from our streets. No one deserves to be targeted for their life choices. 

Thank you.


Signs For Life, Signs 4 Life
Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax. Nova Scotia
Sherry Kirwin, General Manager of Pattison Advertising (Atlantic Division)
For the taking down of the Anti-abortion signs in HRM. Including Billboards, Bus Shelters and Metro Transit Buses.

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    3. "Help Halifax Know Choice"

      Hilary Murphy
      Petition Organizer

      The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre has started a campaign to raise money to put up Pro-Choice banners about choice and resources. They want to raise $4000.00 and any contribution large or small will help them achieve their goal. They would like to offer an alternative to these Anti-Abortion messages and help inform the community of the many pro-choice services available to them.

      You can help The South House and the people of Halifax by donating at the following link;

      Thank you for your support!

      Click here to support Help Halifax Know Choice by Allison Sparling

      There's been lots of conversations about anti-choice ads placed in Halifaxs Metro Transit buses and bus shelters. The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre would like to offer an alternative to these messages, and help inform the community of the many pro-choice service...

    4. Story makes CTV News!

      Hilary Murphy
      Petition Organizer

      With my petition getting into the public eye, CTV contacted me personally today and asked to interview me about my petition.

      I want to thank everyone for all the support you have given me. I wouldn't be here without you.

      Hilary Murphy.

      Pro-life ads on Halifax buses spark outrage online

      Pro-life advertisements posted on Metro Transit buses in Halifax have sparked outrage online. Several hundred people have signed a petition asking Metro Transit to take them down. A baby is pictured in the ads, which say "Luc was born today but his life began nine months ago."

    5. Reached 1,000 signatures
    6. Decision-maker Signs For Life responds:

      Signs For Life

      Dear Hilary and petition signatories,

      First of all, let us thank you for your letter. We appreciate your concern and read your message with care. Too often our society encourages us to be silent when controversy arrives. Discussing dif...

    7. A great start!

      Hilary Murphy
      Petition Organizer

      Wow, over 400 signatures in 48 hours, thank you so much for the support, the shares and the comments, you're all wonderful.

      Here's a little spoken word on what women deserve, by Sonya Renee.

      Sonya Renee "What Women Deserve"

      Salt Lines Tour 2009. Evergreen College

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    Reasons for signing

    • Andrea Verge ELLERSHOUSE, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      I do not think this is appropriate for all ages. Leave this to the 18 and over adults who make the decisions reguarding laws. Not the small children being subjected to it against their will.

    • Corinne Deon GLENWOOD, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      I think it's very inappropriate for children to see . And it's oppressive ... And not necessary.. Actually it's deplorable.

      • 2 months ago

      Things need to be explained when a child is ready not when they see it on a sign.

      • 2 months ago

      Everyone has a right to thier own decision

      • 2 months ago

      A woman's body is more than just a vessel for making babies. Women have the right to choose whether or not to have abortions, and giving rights to a bunch of cells with no conscious over the rights of a living human person is disgusting and wrong.


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