Film Resurrection in Arcadia, MO
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Film Resurrection in Arcadia, MO

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Resurrection is ABC's big hit set in Arcadia, MO.  But we don't see the beautiful mountains and peaceful valley on the show.

That's because Resurrection is filmed in and around Atlanta, GA.  

We love the show in the "real" Arcadia.  In fact, ABC gave us a pre-premiere advanced screening of the show.  But Arcadian fans can't help but wonder why our scenic area is replaced by something much less beautiful.

Over 700 fans of the real Arcadia and surrounding Arcadia Valley have signed this petition. This is pretty remarkable considering Arcadia is Population 608.  These supporters are from our area and also all over the world. Some are past residents, visitors and even fans of the show who found out we really exist.

We want to have Resurrection film in Arcadia, MO. As you can see from the video, we are a "slice of heaven." It would help resurrect our community and also be great publicity for ABC.

Yes, we know it isn't financially viable to pull up a whole show and move it once it is off the ground.  Our goals aren't that ambitious.  We want to see some of our beauty and charm represented in the show-- even if it is just a few exterior shots.

Just come to our area and see for yourself.  You will see why we deserve "Resurrection." 

Find out more about our efforts to resurrect Arcadia:

Find out more about the show here:





Recent signatures


    1. Reached 750 signatures
    2. We reached 608 signatures and we have partial victory!

      by RVRA

      608 signatures. Population 608, Arcadia, MO. A few signatures shy of 608, we received notice from the Missouri Film Commission that they are now lobbying production of Resurrection to film in Arcadia, MO and surrounding Arcadia Valley. However, we are not going to close this petition yet. Why? We are still hoping that production will choose to film in our community. As numerous petitioners have stated, even a few scenes or exteriors would be wonderful for our community. It would be a great story for Resurrection, to help with the "resurrection" of our community by filming here. It is publicity they can't buy. However, as so many petitioners pointed out, filming here would not be charity. Our Valley is one of the most beautiful, serene and peaceful areas in the world. It really is a slice of heaven on Earth. So many, from all over, agree that Resurrection could benefit from filming here in terms of production value. So, go ahead and tell the world why Arcadia deserves Resurrection.

    3. Reached 608 signatures
    4. Just had our part thanks to this petition...

      by RVRA

      We were able to have a pre-premiere advanced screening last night because Arcadia Valley has shown the last nine months what enthused fans we are of Resurrection. Even before the show comes out! ABC did this for us in part because of this petition. By signing this petition, we have showed them how passionate we are about the "real" Arcadia. And this is only the beginning! We have more exciting plans made possible because of your support.

      One of the common refrains at the event was "they should film in the real Arcadia." Most likely they won't move the whole show here, but there is no reason they can't film a bit, even if it is just the scenery. We saw there were no mountains in the show. Why can't they get a shot of Shepherd mountain in it?

      Your signatures have helped get us an advanced screening...and even more exciting news. Jason Mott, the author of the book, will be here for the finale weekend! And stay tuned for more news!

      Just think what more signatures might do.

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. Emailing Brad Pitt

      by RVRA

      Please share:

      Exciting news! We found Brad Pitt's email address!
      Your signed petition will be emailed individually to his production company, Plan B Entertainment.

      Right now Resurrection is about to wrap filming for the season. That means we have a short window to influence the plans for next season and try to get them to film in Arcadia, MO. Your signed petition will be emailed _individually_ to the key producers and publicists, including Brad Pitt's production company. You can bring Resurrection to Arcadia.

      *Please make sure you check that your signature is recorded in "recent signatures." Some seem not to be showing up.* If you still have trouble, email your name, mailing address and email address to and we will sign you up.

      (Don't worry - if you already signed the petition, it will still go to Brad's email).

      Bring Resurrection to Arcadia, MO

      Resurrection is an ABC show to premiere next March 9. The show is fictionally set in Arcadia, MO. However, it is not filmed in the actual Arcadia....

    7. Starting to make progress

      by RVRA

      We have now gotten the Missouri Film Commission to agree to research the possibility of getting the show filmed here. We also have local students making a video to send to producers showing our area. On Oct. 21 we will have a community meeting to brainstorm other ways to bring Resurrection to Arcadia. Keep up the faith!

    8. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Deborah Stonehocker HENDERSONVILLE,, TN
      • 5 days ago

      The Arcadia Valeey is almost enchanting. Frome the Ursaline Academy and Covent Grounds to the Stout Creek Shot-ins, The Historical Court House, The Whistle Stop Train Station, Tip Top at Tom Sauk Mountain, The Johnson Shut-ins,

      Elephant Rocks State Park, St Marie du Lac, Catholic Church Grounds, Pilot Knob, Shepard's Mountain. All of these places are

      some of the most beautiful sites

      in all of the United States. It truly is bucolic. Arcadia draws a person back again and again. My mother's family has called it home for over 150 years. My Mother had a borther that fell in a well on June 18, !923 when he was a toddler. Norman drown and is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Pilot Knob. It was a tragic day for

      the citizens of Arcadia Valley. The area is perfect for the filming of Resurrection.

    • Carol rieth FORT COLLINS, CO
      • 7 days ago

      signing because I grew up on fort hill in arcadia. I was a student at ursaline academy in the 1950's. I would love to see the area revitalized

    • Amanda Hayes NEWBERN, TN
      • 10 days ago

      I am a fan of the show. I was curious if an Arcadia, MO even existed. That's when I came across the town's story and realized the show isn't actually filmed in Arcadia, MO. I'd love to see some of Arcadia's beauty in show. That would be awesome!

    • Flora Thibeaux NATCHEZ,, LA
      • 11 days ago

      Roots in the area

    • Richard Dowdell MACON, GA
      • 24 days ago

      Love the show and would love to see more of the Real Arcadia


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