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    1. Kiyana H.
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      Kiyana H.

      Stanford, CA

As students, we have an unusual amount of leverage against the university. Colleges and universities are supposed to serve the interests of its students. But, if students don’t stand up and make their voices heard, these institutions can go astray, perhaps even to the point where they will implicitly condone the manufacture of their clothing in sweatshops by turning the other cheek. As indicated by recent history, the efforts of thousands of college students have helped thousands of workers around the world earn a living wage. It is our duty, as Stanford students, to do the same—to put our university on the right track by ensuring that the workers who make our clothing are treated with dignity and respect.

NOW, more than ever, our ACTIONS speak louder than our words.  We must
remind Stanford that HUMAN RIGHTS precede brand labels and profit.

Stay active!

Sign the online petition at

and keep informing your friends, your drawmates, your neighbors, your
classmates, of the movement to end labor exploitation.  The attached
brochure has more information about the campaign.

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    • Jessica Lovejoy ATHENS, OH
      • over 4 years ago

      I was never fully aware of worker exploitation until I saw the documentary, "The Corporation".

      I will do my best to spread word of this on-going effort. More people need to be enlightened about this issue and by the fact this issue is happening right here in our country.

    • Tania Elizalde HUMBLE, TX
      • over 6 years ago

      I have seen children younger than 7 working as adults in Mexico. they can not study or enjoy one of the most beautiful stages of life because they are being abused and many times by their own parents.

      It is horrible and sad!

      Once you grow up, you can't go back to your childhood. lets give them a better one!

    • Nichole Lawrence DENVER, CO
      • about 7 years ago

      No child, no less anyone, should ever have to endure such conditions, regardless of location.

      • over 7 years ago

      Here in California, unskilled and other low-income workers are becoming increasingly marginalized in jobs that fail to comply with basic wage and safety regulations. These laws, which govern minimum wage, overtime and safety conditions,protect workers regardless of their immigration status. Nevertheless, abuse abounds in numerous industries where recent immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and Asia are routinely exploited. Sweatshops do not just occur an ocean away. They are right here in our backyard as well. It is time to put an end to this gross abuse of human rights and dignity - both overseas and at home.

    • Kiyana H. STANFORD, CA
      • over 7 years ago

      Initiated this Action!


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