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Sign the Citizen's Petition To Fix The Debt

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      Fix The Debt

America’s $11 trillion debt is a catastrophic threat to our security and economy, and the time to Fix the Debt is now.

That was the consensus among our group of politically diverse friends following a recent discussion over a Memorial Day barbeque.

We see clearly that the national debt is out of control, and its continued growth puts our national security, social safety net, job growth prospects, and everything we value most about our nation at risk.

Washington has done nothing about this looming catastrophe, and our voices must be heard in a way our elected decision-makers in Washington can’t possibly ignore.

There is a ready and excellent solution to our debt crisis in the non-partisan Simpson-Bowles Plan, which eliminates the deficit and reduces the debt by cutting spending, streamlining government, simplifying the tax code and eliminating tax loopholes.

The “Citizen's petition” will boldly demonstrate that Americans across the political spectrum want Congress and the President to take action on the debt now by enacting a plan that uses the Simpson-Bowles framework to reduce the federal debt by more than $4 trillion over ten years.

Optimism, as they say, is the fuel of heroes, the enemy of despair and the architect of the future. So, we’ve set a goal for a petition of millions of signatures and contacted Erskine Bowles himself to see if he would be the first one. Not only did he return our call, he liked the idea so much that he asked us, a group of friends from many walks of life from across the country, to join forces with his staff and agreed to make this the official petition of the national campaign.

It seems our Memorial Day petition movement is not only happening: it is growing! So please join us by signing the Citizen's Petition to Fix the Debt. Throughout our history, we’ve always come together to solve our most pressing problems. It’s time to do it again.


Rob Foregger
Craig DeLuca
Bob Anderson
Biddle Duke
Steve Silverman
Jim Del Favero

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    Reasons for signing

    • mary Quinn TEWKSBURY, MA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am signing because. Mr obama is the worst president in History.. I believe. He is doing this on purpose! Not born here he is determined to ruin our country for his own reasons. His wife in college had written why she hated america.

      • over 1 year ago

      OK !!!!!!!!!

    • Christopher Miller BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      In my entire life there has always been a deficit we have always been in debt and i wonder if we are the greatest nation in the world why this isnt fixed and why we cant overcome it.

      Is it because banksters and the people who control the federal reserve private bank dont want us out of debt cause then they arnt making any money well i think so personally.

    • Steve Taylor CHARLOTTE, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      Because taking on more debt and spending way above our means will lead to a financial crisis. Americans want to reduce the spending, services and size of the Federal Government

    • Mark Dow TOWN & COUNTRY, MO
      • over 1 year ago

      Country is headed for bankruptcy without spending cuts.


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