Support Expansion  Of Arkansas' White River National Wildlife Refuge
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Support Expansion Of Arkansas' White River National Wildlife Refuge

    1. Jim Taylor
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      Jim Taylor

      White River NWR Friend, AR

Tell Dan Ashe, Director of the USFWS you want to see some of YOUR  duck stamp funds  spent here in  Arkansas  to  grow habitat and public hunting opportunities in your  home state.  It will also help keep Arkansas forests US owned!  Show your support for the White River Refuge Expansion Plan, sign the petition today.

 Arkansas’s Delta region originally contained 8 million acres of forested wetlands. Today ONLY about 875,000 acres remain in a collection of fragmented forest blocks, one of which is our very own White River National Wildlife Refuge.*  

 Do your part to slow  this loss of wildlife habitat by supporting the new Expansion Plan proposed by the leaders at  White River National Wildlife Refuge.  Expanding the refuge will mean increased opportunities for current and future generations of hunters, fisherman, birders and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

 We must act now because a  foreign buying spree of our forest lands is underway, as  foreign ownership of U.S. timberlands doubled from approximately 7 million acres in 2005 to 14 million acres in 2011.**   Arkansas alone has 780,544 acres of land under foreign ownership.*** 

The Expansion plan allows the refuge to buy land from WILLING sellers, using money from the Land and Water Conservation funds and hunter generated funds from Duck Stamps.

Show your support for the refuges' proposed  expansion  by signing this online PETITION.

Your letter will be sent to Dan Ashe, Director of the USFWS as well as to your Arkansas congressman.

Do your part  for conservation.  Sign it NOW.    

Also, writting a brief comment in the comment section is  especially powerful.   


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    2. White River Wildlife Refuge Expansion Now in Jeopardy

      Jim Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      After a year long campaign by Arkansas sportsmen and conservation groups the refuge expansion proposal is now in serious jeopardy. Apparently stalled by some politically connected anti-refuge “fat cats” that your congressmen depend on for donations.

      The expansion proposal was the refuge’s ambitious plan to preserve some of the last remaining bottomland forests near the lower White River, while adding over 125,000 acres into the public trust. Approval would allow the refuge to buy land from WILLING SELLERS, using money from Duck Stamp dollars and LWC Funds. (No general taxpayer dollars would be used)

      Bowing to pressure from elected officials, the USFWS issued a news release Friday “pausing” the proposed expansion for further evaluation. In the press release David Viker, SE Region Chief said: “While there is significant support for the expansion…..we take the concerns of those who oppose it seriously.”

      If it were up to a vote today, the "majority would rule" because refuge expansion supporters far exceed the naysayers in sheer numbers. Consider the Friends of White River’s 15,000+ FaceBook fans, the 1,200 petition signers, as well as the public support from the thousands of members of the: Arkansas Bowhunters Association, Arkansas Wildlife Federation, Arkansas Audubon Society, ArkLA Squirrel & Coon Hunters, Arkansas Canoe Club, as well as the National Wildlife Refuge Association. With 47% of Arkansas hunters dependent upon public lands it’s not surprising so many Arkansas sportsmen support it.

      Frustratingly for sportsmen and conservationists, these congressmen’s actions confirms what many of you already intuitively know…., these congressmen do not represent the interests of the majority but are instead ruled by the well connected few they so desperately depend on for donations. Their hope is YOU won't pay attention. Their hope is YOU won’t bother to get involved. In this way they can continue to cater to their donors while ignoring YOU. As a result, Arkansas conservation efforts will suffer as potentially millions of dollars in Duck Stamp and Land & Water Conservation Funds will now be diverted to other states.

      These congressmen need to hear from you. Tell them you disapprove of the delay and that you support the refuge expansion. Stop now and call, email or both!

      Senator Boozman's Office:
      Chris Caldwell
      D.C. Office: 202-224-4843
      Little Rock Office: 501-372-7153

      Senator Pryor's Office:
      Russell Hall
      FAX: 501-324-5320
      D.C. Office: 202-224-2353 D.C.
      Little Rock Office: 501-324-6336

      Representative Rick Crawford
      Call Jay Sherrod
      FAX: 501-843-4955
      Little Rock Office: 501-843-3043

      --->Jim Taylor, Friend of the Refuge

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures
    4. Arkansas Sportsmen Show Big Support for Refuge Expansion Plan.

      Jim Taylor
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to YOU we now stand at 500 Petition Signers.

      FACTS about the Refuge Expansion Plan to share with your friends:

      1. It allows the refuge to buy land from WILLING SELLERS near the refuge's border.

      2. Purchases will be made with Land and Water Conservation Funds and hunter generated funds like duck stamp monies. (NOT GENERAL TAX FUNDS)

      3. The plan could potentially add 120,000 acres of critical waterfowl habitat and public hunting opportunities to the refuge. Yes. Right here, in Arkansas!

      Help make this petition go VIRAL! ....Please HIT THE SHARE BUTTON and help spread the word.

      Jim Taylor
      White River Refuge Friends

    5. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • harry roberts CABOT, AR
      • 4 days ago

      I support agfc purchasing land any time an oppertuniny comes up.

    • Gary Holland NORT LITTLE ROCK, AR
      • 8 days ago

      We Must Preserve The Last Of Our River Bottomland Forest.

    • Shelly Beaman CORONA, CA
      • 9 days ago

      It is incredibly important that we stop selling our precious resources and keep it in the public hands for our future generations.

    • Jeffrey Reed PINE BLUFF, AR
      • 10 days ago

      I believe we've put too much time and effort to give up on the expansion!

    • Michael Simons CLEBURNE, TX
      • 23 days ago

      Because I was born and raised in Clarendon the pearl of the White River and I own family land in Monroe County.


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