Shut Down Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entergy
J. Wayne Leonard

Shut Down Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

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Vermont Yankee is an old, leaking nuclear power plant that is unsafe and falling apart, and the people of Vermont have spoken; it should be closed as scheduled in 2012.   In February 2010, the Vermont Senate voted 26 – 4 to close the 38-year-old plant, and Vermonters affirmed that decision on election night when the leader of that vote, Peter Shumlin, was elected Governor.

But Entergy, Vermont Yankee’s out-of-state corporate owners, are still trying to relicense the decrepit reactor.  And in a desperate move, they are even trying to pass their mess onto someone else by trying to sell the reactor.

Tell the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Entergy, J. Wayne Leonard, that enough is enough.  He needs to stop putting corporate profits ahead of the safety of New Englanders, and shut down Vermont Yankee.

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    2. U.S. approves plant re-licensing in midst of nuclear crisis:

    3. Protesters demonstrated outside of Vermont Yankee this weekend, showing solidarity with Japan and speaking up against the dangers of nuclear in their own backyard.

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    5. For Sale: Decrepit, Leaking Nuclear Power Plant

      It’s hard to imagine anyone in their right mind agreeing to buy a decrepit, incredibly unpopular nuclear power plant just weeks after it leaked radioactive matter.
      Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped Entergy, the country’s second-largest...


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      • over 3 years ago

      Remember Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen Bacskay CENTRAL ISLIP, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Anything that produces plutonium as a byproduct does nothing but gamble on human life

    • Susan Mason Lazarev BURLINGTON, VT
      • over 3 years ago

      Mr. Leonard,

      I urge you to stop putting corporate profits ahead of the safety of New Englanders, and shut down Vermont Yankee. There are many issues that make it unsafe to continue operating this plant, including:

      1 Safety. This plant is already leaking radiation into the environment.

      2. Safety: This plant does not have more than 8 hours of auxilary power to keep the plant running in a power outage. AFter that, the same disaster that is happening in Japan at present could happen here- radiating the entire North East of America.

      3. Safety: The plant's operational life expectancy is up. The plant was never intended to operate safely past 2012.

      I urge you to shut down this plant and explore a safe long-term decommissioning of this hazard.

      Susan Mason Lazarev

    • Ellen Serra NEWBURY, VT
      • over 3 years ago

      Dear Chief Executive Officer Leonard,

      I am a firm believer that the individual, in a democracy, has the power to change things. An overwhelming majority of Vermonters want Vermont Yankee shut down. Consider what might happen to your profits if Vermonters stopped buying your power. I will speak for myself now. VERMONT YANKEE MUST BE SHUT DOWN. From this day forward I will do everything I can to avoid buying power from Vermont Yankee and will encourage all my friends to do the same. We can do it! We can shut Vermont Yankee down!

    • Rosemarie Morris ANCASTER, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      It's time to invest in sustainable green energy sources to meet both current and future generations' energy needs. Nuclear power creates problems for future generations, with no benefits to them.


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