Shut Down the Racist All-White Basketball League
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Shut Down the Racist All-White Basketball League

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A basketball league exclusively for “natural born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race” is trying to launch in twelve cities across the south this summer. This is an extreme example of racism and intolerance and we have to stop it now.

The mayor of Augusta, GA, one of the cities in which the league wants to operate, has already said that he opposes having a team in his city.

We’ve been able to track down nine more cities where the “All-American Basketball Alliance” is trying to start new teams for its misguided and offensive league.

None of these cities should host the new explicitly racist and anti-immigrant league. You can help stop the league in its tracks by using the form below to send a letter to the mayors of all nine targeted cities asking them to oppose the all-white league.

If we can get the mayors to take a stand against the league right now we might be able to keep it from even getting off the ground.

photo: ryan_fung

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