Shut Down Monsanto
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Every Mayor, Small Business, Freedom Lovers. :D
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Shut Down Monsanto

    1. Shannon Martin
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      Shannon Martin

      Plattsburgh, NY

Been watching the thing on PBS about Monsanto's monopoly over soybeans. Farmers feel so helpless they think that they cannot fight back, in the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. When farmers of all people start feeling helpless, then you know it MUST be time for the rest of us to get up off our lazy asses and do something about it. Come on, its our FOOD we're talking about, get it? The Soy-Based product you might be eating that's stranded you on you're couch. Yeah, I know, you were only resting for a minute :D. Minute's up. Lets get up and put a stop to this Monsanto taking control of soybean seeds thing. When I am done with this issue, lets jump on another one. This site needs a priority thing that we can all get behind one at a time and actually make it happen. What do you think?

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    2. More evil news from those rat-bastards Monsanto

      Shannon Martin
      Petition Organizer

      Is it any surprise that Wal-Mart has joined them in their evil quest?

    3. Look at all the sigs!

      Shannon Martin
      Petition Organizer

      Spread the word. Wouldn't it be awesome if a campaign like this could shut down a monster like Monsanto? "You've got to Belieeeeve Eddie, Belieeeve" (Twilight Zone Reference) :D

    4. Just wanted to say. . .

      Shannon Martin
      Petition Organizer

      That my comment about sterilization of future generations of children is one based on a study where that pretty much is what happened to the rats or whatever they tested this Monsanto garbage on, and if not the next generation but the one after that, a big percentage that I can't remember exactly of the children were born sterile. Perhaps this is a good thing though, to curb overpopulation, but do you want an accidental side-effect of Monsanto crops to randomly decide who live and who dies in the future?

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    6. Learned alot more about how monstrous the bastards of Monsanto are.

      Shannon Martin
      Petition Organizer

      Well, it might be useful to know how we are being poisoned, how a corporation is trying to set up a monopoly over the future of our food, and are creating seeds that could infect our natural foods and kill them off, leaving only Monsanto to decide who eats and who starves, much less the infertility it will most likely cause future generations, potentially 'seeding' the destruction of the human race. Hows that? I could go on an on. . .


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