Shut down cyberbullying website,, in memory of Izzy Dix & 15 other teens globally
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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Mr David Cameron
MP for Devizes; UK government advisor on Childhood
Ms Claire Perry
Prime Minster of the United Kingdom
Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Shut down cyberbullying website,, in memory of Izzy Dix & 15 other teens globally

    1. Gabbi Dix, Izzy Dix Anti Bullying Memorial Group
    2. Petition by

      Gabbi Dix, Izzy Dix Anti Bullying Memorial Group

      Devon, United Kingdom

September 2014


Last month was purchased by

The new CEO of, Doug Leeds, personally called us to discuss the changes he is making to create a safer site. He said it was campaigns like ours which directly lead to them acquiring The work we did to raise awareness of the potentially harmful nature of generated a lot of bad publicity and created such a problem for, that they had to act.

Now Doug and his team are in charge, safety is the number one priority.

The changes they are spending millions on moderation to deal with bullying and recruiting a team of world-renowned child safety experts to sit on a ‘safety advisory board.

While this is by no means the ‘closing down’ of the site that our petition first called for, we couldn’t be more happy. We truly believe these changes will make a big difference in protecting young people online.

It has been one year since our darling Izzy took her own life after being bullied at school, in the community and online on We know she would be so proud of what we’ve tried to achieve over the past 12 months in both her name, and the names of the 15 other teens on the petition.

So thank you to everyone who has signed our petition – all 144, 850 of you – and helping us to make a difference. You are all amazing!

Dear Mr Cameron and Ms Perry,

On the night of Tuesday 17th September 2013, 14-year-old Devon schoolgirl, Izzy Dix, tragically took her own life. Her death has been linked to bullying, at school, in the community and online. Some of the bullying that Izzy was so troubled over in the months before her death occurred on social media site,

This petition supports the following:

1. We want this website closed down. It gives cyberbullies a platform, as it allows them to post hurtful comments and remain anonymous.

2. At the very least, we need to permanently disable the ability to remain anonymous on this site, as this is the aspect which is causing the most damage.

3. The government also needs to bring in new regulations/legislation/restrictions that will keep people, and young people in particular, safe on the Internet.

4. We need watertight procedures making social networking sites accountable for revealing the identities of trolls and cyberbullies to the authorities, so cyberbullying can easily be stopped in its tracks.

5. We want police forces to make a firm commitment to treat bullying seriously.

6. We need an increase in education programmes for schools and community groups so that we can teach the power of love and kindness.

7. We need an increase in support programmes for both victims and bullies. 

8. We need the government to provide/increase funding for research on issues such as bullying, cyberbullying and teen suicide.

9. We need increased parental awareness, responsibility and support on the subject of bullying and the use of the Internet by children.

10. We need the government to help us put pressure on the large search engines to include suicide search terms in the list of search terms that come back with a clean return, instead offering help and advice information for the searcher.

11. We need individuals from all walks of life to embrace love, kindness, compassion, empathy and respect. Bullying the bullies is not a solution – it will only make the problem worse and perpetuate the cycle – teaching the value of love is the most effective long-term solution. has been linked to the suicides of sixteen young people since September 2012. This needs to stop now, before this list gets any longer.


Ciara Pugsley, aged 15, County Leitrim, Ireland, 29th September, 2012

Erin Gallagher, aged 13, County Donegal, Ireland, 27th October, 2012

Jessica Laney, aged 16, Florida, US, 11th December, 2012

Shannon Gallagher (Erin's sister), aged 15, County Donegal, Ireland, 12th December, 2012

Anthony Stubbs, aged 16, Lancashire, England, January, 2013

Joshua Unsworth, aged 15, Lancashire, England, 7th April, 2013

Daniel Perry, aged 17, Fife, Scotland, 15th July, 2013

Hannah Smith, aged 14, Leicestershire, England, 2nd August, 2013 

Rebecca Sedwick, aged 12, Florida, US, 10th September, 2013

Katherine-Christine Buckley, aged 15, Queensland, Australia, 14th September, 2013

Izzy Dix, aged 14, Devon, England, 17th September, 2013

Olivia Mae Scott, aged 16, Vermont, US, 9th October, 2013

Savy Turcotte, aged 13, Saskatchewan, Canada, 22nd October, 2013

Matthew Homyk, aged 14, Cleveland, US, 10th January, 2014

Nadia, aged 14, Veneto, Italy, 9th February, 2014

Aurora Cerullo, aged 14, Venaria, Italy, 14th April, 2014


Mr David Cameron, The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Ms Claire Perry, MP for Devizes; UK government advisor on Childhood
Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minster of the United Kingdom
Shut down cyberbullying website,, in memory of Izzy Dix and the other fifteen young people who have taken their own lives around the world after being bullied on it.

This needs to stop now, before this list gets any longer.

[Your name]

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    1. Reached 100,000 signatures
    2. It's Anti-Bullying Week! Please help us!

      Maddie Sinclair
      Petition Organizer

      We currently have 11,686 names on our anti-bullying petition in the names of the 13 teens who have tragically taken their own lives after being bullied on Thank you so much for supporting us!

      That's a great number… but we need more.

      We were wondering if you could do us a favour?

      We would love you to collect signatures for our petition in your local community.

      We can send you a petition form by email which you can print out and use to collect additional names for us.

      If you’re interested in helping, please send us a quick email to the following address and we’ll send you everything you need to help:

      It would also be great if you could Share the following visual about our campaign via social media for Anti-Bullying Week:

      Thanks SO much for your help and support! Together, we can stop bullying. Don’t bully. Love instead.

    3. Reached 10,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Annamaria Joseph INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • about 1 month ago

      i personally have been harassed and know the hurt that can ensue.

      • about 1 month ago

      Cyber-bullies are presented with a means to emotionally harm children and vulnerable people through this site to the point where some have even committed suicide, I back the shutting down of this site 100%

      • about 1 month ago

      Our generation needs this more than ever

      • about 1 month ago

      This important because no one should have to go through the pain she had to cope with and she deserves respect because she was a beautiful girl and even though looks don't always matter they clearly did for the the people that thought it is/ was all about the looks but it isn't it's whats in side and what comes from the heart that truly matters. Her mum Gabbi shouldn't have lost her baby girl so soon at such a young age she should have had so much more memorable moments to share with Izzy. Her mum doesn't have many people in the area to support her. Even though i didn't know her personally i still care.

      • about 1 month ago

      My Grandaughter was bullied


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