Show your Support for DC Families this Holiday Season

Show your Support for DC Families this Holiday Season

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      Bread for the City

Hunger is real in our nation’s capital, where one in three children in D.C. will go to bed hungry tonight.

The holiday season is an especially difficult time, as strapped families face additional costs like warm clothing and high energy bills. With cost of living and food prices on the rise, this year a traditional holiday meal will be an unaffordable luxury for too many families in DC. 

But even in the hardest of times -- especially then -- every family deserves to share a celebratory holiday meal together in their own home. 

Stand with us today. We should not permit families in our nation’s capital to go hungry during the holidays.


I believe that every family should be able to share a celebratory holiday meal, and I join with Bread for the City to help connect as many families as possible with the makings of a Holiday Helpings meal.

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    • marlene cohen SILVER SPRING, MD
      • about 1 year ago

      Bread for the City does great work! The poor don't get a break in this country...they too often get blamed for their own problems, not of their making!


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