Amend The town ordinance to allow residents to keep hens in their backyard
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Amend The town ordinance to allow residents to keep hens in their backyard

    1. Gabrielle  Trinkle
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      Gabrielle Trinkle

      Shippensburg, PA

August 2012


My landlord /friend decided it would be a good idea to get chickens in our backyard. At first I thought it was crazy but after having them I realized how many benefits came with backyard chickens. Our children were crazy about them, and since we had them since peeps the hens were very tame and friendly. Backyard chickens are a great edjucational pet for children, teaching responsability and much more. Well the sad part is once our hens finally started laying eggs the town borough (shippensburg) sent Jen a letter threatening a 500$ fine a day if the chickens weren't removed from property. We feel strongly that having a few chickens are no worse then other pets (dogs!) And with certain rules can be incredibly beneficial for the community. So we did our reasurch and started a potition. All together we presented shippensburg town council with 80 written signetures and 107 online signatures along with all of the facts and reasurch we collected. The meeting was a success becAUe the council discussed the rough draft of shippensburgs future chicken ordinance.

Benefits of Urban Chicken Keeping:
-Sustainable Lifestyle choices
-Homegrown Food Sourse
-Enriching edjucational opportunities
-Natural insect control
-Fresh eggs free from chemicals

In these troubled times i feel as a town we should be looking at how we can be more sustainable, and allowing urban chickens is a great step towards increased sustainability.

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    1. chickens in ship

      Gabrielle  Trinkle
      Petition Organizer

      Tonight's shippensburg meeting was a success. The future chicken ordinance was descussed and we are a lot closer to having backyard chickens in shippensburg! Thanks for your support!

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    • Shaela Strata MONTGOMERY, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      AMERICA "AND OF THE FREE" exactly are we free, if we can't garden, can't keep chickens, can't do anything without a licence/permit/or be illegal for somthing as mudane as chicken keeping???? Remember those Beatrix Potter stories? They were real to her, about rabbits in her neighbors garden, a garden, flower gardens, frogs, ducks and all manner of country setting. Well, to most of us, that type of life IS a fairytale, even those that simple life, is what we wish for.

      really dumb, "ordinences" prevent us from this our "pursuit of happiness" written n the constitution.

      Since when did a few chickens harm ANYTHING? Also, how are ordinences DEMOCRATIC?????

      Why is a town meeting not held, and all in favor say "aye", and all against say "nay".????

      Why is that? Why don't town ordinences go in front of THE WHOLE TOWN, to actually see what the town wants?????

      Why would one want to settle down in a town that told them what they can and can't do with their own land that they bought and payed thousands for????

      What ARE they paying thousands for? and town taxes on top of it?

      Have a chicken boycott. everyone in town who wants to keep chickens get one. what will they do, arrest everyone for illegal contaband????

      I can see the headlines "Town arrests chicken holding citizens!"

      Dress up in chicken suits in front of the town hall. :) ha, it's so dumb, it's just silly.

      Go back in history, many of the dumb issues of today, were thought of as a given right back then, grow/produce your own food, sell or give away the surplus.

      Someone just told me that the town I'm in, says backyard surplus cannot be sold with out a license. I wondr if it can be given away then.

      A licence, they're only there, so they can keep track of who's doing what, how many people have reistered dogs in town, yard sales, gardens, produce stands. All this while x% of Americans are hungry. I think those Americans are hungry statements are only there to get people to send money for supposed food or programs.

      I found out once, that some food pantries have to BUY food from food donation warehouses that employ FREE community service workers. Why are they buyin food that was donated?

      There's no reason for anyone to be hungry in America, if "the powers that be cared more for people, than money.

    • benjamin stacey HAGERSTOWN, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      I have family in Shippensburg that raise chickens providing eggs to myself, other nearby family and neighbors on a regular basis. It would be a shame to be denied fresh food for those who cannot afford to buy eggs regularly from supermarket giants. There must be cause to justify this type of action and I have yet to see any cause to justify such an extreme measure. Regulate the minimal environmental conditions for which chickens must be kept. Outlawing backyard chicken-coops is a poor solution to a non-issue problem. Is there so little for local lawmakers to do?

    • Josh Sprenkle ST THOMAS, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because I believe in freedom. And I'm number 100 to sign!

    • Lisa Skiles SHIPPENSBURG, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      there are too many dumb rules

    • wendy eckenrode SHIPPENSBURG, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      To allow them!!!!


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