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Clean up Connaught Place
  • Petitioned Shiela Dixit

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CM, Delhi
Shiela Dixit
NDMC Chairperson
Archna Arora

Clean up Connaught Place

    1. Hindustan Times
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      Hindustan Times

      Delhi, India

3 years and after spending 671 crores, Connaught Place restoration is still incomplete and in shambles.  Ahead of the CommonWealth Games, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) decided to restore the glory of Connaught Place.  Not only they have not been able to complete the work but they have made CP a ‘no entry zone’.

Connaught Place or Rajiv Chowk as many of us know it, is a architectural heritage and a popular landmark and pride for all of us. In May 2009 the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) decided to restore the glory of Connaught Place, which was in ruins. 

But they have not been able to achieve most of their deadlines since then. To make things worse, after the Commonwealth Games, the contractors left the work mid-way.

The cost of the project increased from cost Rs. 76 crore in 2005 to 671 crore in 2007. The quality of the little work that is getting done is bad. While the entire Connaught Place was to be modelled on the C block, none of the façade restoration work of the remaining block have matched up to it.

The NDMC has now promised to finish all the work by December this year but many people have their doubts as a lot of work still needs to be done.”

Through this petition we are asking NDMC to set a deadline to the citizens Delhi and commit to cleaning and restoring our CP to its original glory by that deadline.

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    Sep 13, 2012

    Support Hindustan Times campaign to restore Connaught Place to its glory http://t.co/EkJUyfa4 Please RT

    Madhavan Narayanan


    Sep 06, 2012

    RT @abhijitmajumder: Be a part of HT's Save Connaught Place campaign. Each signatture at http://t.co/Ky6mGZkJ ... http://t.co/tiwt1zFi

    S Irfan Habib


    Sep 06, 2012

    Be a part of HT's Save Connaught Place campaign. Each signatture at http://t.co/hx88vc6v sends a mail out to Delhi CM, NDMC chief. Please RT

    Abhijit Majumder

    Reasons for signing

    • Rajiv Khanna INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      their should punishment for wasting tax payers money chuck this government out

    • Rajesh Ahuja INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      It's where my heart lies. And I have to cross it to go to work everyday!

    • Mayank Singh INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Its my Place, My city and a Lndmark, please protect it and get it done soon.

    • Pankaj Mullick NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I work in CP and otherwise too find it as the most cosmopolitan part of Delhi. This place needs to be kept up to the standards it's known for

      • almost 2 years ago

      Connaught Place personifies Delhi in its entirety, with a wholesome mixture of offerings ranging from branded and indigenous retail stores, excellent bars and restaurants, plethora of local vendors, mobile population, diverse set of visitors - a little bit of everything for everyone. It holds great architectural, cultural and historical value; and let's be honest, it's the best part of town.

      Anyone who has spent time in CP has taken a part of it with them in their hearts.

      I love CP!


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