Sheriff Joe Pelle and the Boulder County jail: utilize video cameras in the disciplinary cell(s)
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Sheriff Joe Pelle and the Boulder County jail

Sheriff Joe Pelle and the Boulder County jail: utilize video cameras in the disciplinary cell(s)

    1. joshua johnson
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      joshua johnson

      Boulder, CO

March 2013


After being tortured in the Boulder county jail for complaining about being arrested erroneously, Joshua Johnson started the 'Tortured in Boulder County' Facebook page. Johnson had contacted 1) internal affairs, 2) local attorneys, 3) the ACLU, and 4) many media outlets but found little, if any, recourse. The main reason for starting the page is that he was concerned that the same thing could be happening to other inmates. In August 2012, an article in the Boulder Daily made mention of Robert Kirkland, a disabled, veteran, who filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Boulder county jail for breaking his leg and denying him medical treatment for days. His story is similar to Johnson's in that they both were taken to an area of the jail called "disciplinary", and in both instances the jail authorities mentioned an absence of video cameras in this particular area of the jail... William Donohoe, a friend of Johnson, informed Johnson about the article. On October 24, 2012, Johnson began petitioning Sheriff Joe Pelle and the Boulder county jail to utilize video cameras in the disciplinary areas of the jail. Johnson and Donohoe started collecting signatures; communicating with thousands of people across the country. On November 6, 2012, Johnson introduced himself to Kirkland via Facebook using the following message: "hey robert my name's joshua. i've been very vocal about what happened to me in the Boulder county jail, yet hardly anything has been done to address what the officers are getting away with.. i wish you success with your current legal suit; if i can help, please let me know. i've written the ACLU and i started a petition at about the Boulder county jail situation. i hope you recover from any lingering PTSD. kind regards, joshua johnson" Kirkland and Johnson met in Denver face to face, and videotaped their conversations about the police corruption at the Boulder county jail. Johnson sent a link to a segment of their videotaped conversation to the people who had thus far signed the petition, and posted the video on the internet. Johnson, Donohoe, and Kirkland continued collecting signatures until one day Johnson was contacted by the Boulder Weekly, who sought to cover the story. After interviewing Johnson, Kirkland, and the jail authorities, the Boulder Weekly did a front page article about how the jail was in the process of installing video surveillance after complaints about inmate abuse.

In Boulder, Colorado, the inmates at the county jail who become upset that they are behind bars are escorted to a place called "disciplinary", and sometimes (if not, often) they are placed in a restraint chair. Inmates have come out of "disciplinary" with broken bones; some claim they barely survived. Yet, when the jail is subpoenaed for video footage of the events, the powers that be claim there is an absence of video surveillance; the reason they say is for prisoner privacy. Whether video cameras exist in the disciplinary unit(s) or not, we simply are asking Sheriff Joe Pelle and the Boulder County jail to utilize cameras in the notorious "disciplinary" areas of the jail. For more information, visit the "Tortured in Boulder County jail" facebook page ( and research Robert Kirkland's ongoing lawsuit (  We need Sheriff Joe Pelle and the Boulder County jail to be utilizing video surveillance! Immediately!

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    • David Canaday DENVER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Police brutality can be stopped by holding the perps accountable.

    • Kathleen Morey LAFAYETTE, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Transparency, protection of civil liberties, need to end abuse of power.

    • Meg Sandoval LOUISVILLE, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Unchecked police/sheriff power must have oversight.

    • Christina Raby DENVER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      ‎4 related but wholly independent reasons why Boulder is a freak show...

      1. Boulder cop shoots random elk claiming it was injured

      2. Cop decides it makes sense to take elk he just shot illegally to other cop's house where they think it's okay to just harvest the meat

      3. Cops somehow believe they'll get away with this

      4. Boulder people hold a candlelight vigil for the elk and sing Amazing Grace

      Christina Raby

    • Carrie Madson OCEANSIDE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have a friend in there that is at risk


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