Support SF 2311, on the sex trafficking of minors in the State of Iowa
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Support SF 2311, on the sex trafficking of minors in the State of Iowa

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      Network Against Human Trafficking

1.We laud our legislators for establishing a victim’s fund, in order to fund restorative services for survivors of sex trafficking in the state of Iowa.  We believe that a fine of $1,000 per sex trafficking violation will help to provide survivors trauma-informed counseling; wrap-around services by trained social service providers; and restorative services to aid in the transition to safety and community re-integration.


2.We laud our legislators for giving county attorneys the option of referring minor victims of sex trafficking as CINA (children in need of assistance), rather than to juvenile court for a delinquency proceeding.  As currently stated, Senate File 2311 is aligned with both Iowa Code 710.A and the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of the United States of America (which was recently reauthorized) in this matter.   According to both Iowa Code 710.A and national law, any minor (under age 18) who is commercially sexually exploited is a victim of sex trafficking, whether or not force, fraud, or coercion by an adult can be proven.  We believe that is because Senate File 2311 concurs with both state and national law that the Iowa Office of the Attorney General, furthermore, approves of this section in its current form.

 As such, our honorable legislators were correct in removing language suggesting that the “control of an adult” needed to be proven, in order for a child to be referred as CINA, from Senate File 2311.  To include such language would be antithetical to both state and national law, and would reflect misrecognition of the vulnerability and culpability of Iowa’s trafficked children.  To be specific, when children are raped, 10 to 15 times a day, and forced to have oral, anal, and vaginal sex without protection, with men the ages of their fathers and grandfathers, and thus exposed to severe forms of trauma and disease, their victim status must be recognized, first by designating them as CINA and then by providing them the best restorative services possible. 


3.We laud our legislators’ much-needed attention to the importance of training law enforcement about the issue of human trafficking, as stated in this memo.  We believe that law enforcement training in this area, specifically as relates to the sex trafficking of our children and youth, is a critical step towards identifying exploited youth and rescuing them from situations where they are being raped, repeatedly, on a daily basis.  Indeed, research by the FBI shows that the level of violence which sex trafficked youth incur is so severe that they are expected to live only seven years from the day their exploitation begins.  When law enforcement professionals are trained, from the most junior to senior officers, children’s lives are indeed saved.


4.Thank you again for your considerate attention to the passage of this legislation, in its current form.  This week, please expect further support for SF 2311 from our statewide affiliates, including Iowa’s leading anti-trafficking initiatives and organizations.

Sharon Steckman, Representative
State Rep. Mary Wolfe, Iowa-098
State Rep. Greg Heartsill, Iowa-028
State Rep. Chip Baltimore, Iowa-047
Support SF 2311, on the sex trafficking of minors in the State of Iowa

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      Chip Baltimore

      Thank you to all who are signing this petition and contacting me about this very important issue! As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, I began efforts to eliminate human trafficking more than two years ago. And while I support ...

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 6 months ago

      A kind of very cruel human trafficking and forced prostitution are the crimes of so called loverboys. My Muslim Ex-tenant seems to be a lover boy and with this money he and his family has a great life! His girl friends was mostly underaged. The Muslim ‘Loverboys’ : Grooming And Pimping Epidemic In The Netherlands and Europe

      Britain is not the only place in the world to have problems with Muslim men grooming schoolgirls to sexually exploit. The Netherlands also has its own problems with ‘Religion Of Peace’ followers and their grooming of non-Muslim young girls. These deviant Muslim men are known by the Dutch as ‘The Loverboys’ and the issues that result as their actions is referred to as “The Romeo Problem”

      In a chilling parallel to the scandal sweeping Britain’s towns and cities, where a multitude of girls have been lured into sex-for-sale rings run by gangs, the Dutch pimps search out girls at school gates and in cafes, posing as ‘boyfriends’ promising romance, fast car rides and restaurant meals. The men ply their victims with vodka and drugs. They tell them lies: that they love them and their families don’t care for them. Then, the trap set, they rape them with other gang members, often taking photos of the attack to blackmail the girl into submission.Frightened, and too ashamed to tell parents or teachers, the girls are cynically isolated from their old lives and swept into prostitution.

      With Amsterdam being renowned as the erotic capital of Europethat attracts visitors from all over the world due to its relaxed drug laws and its open minded attitude to all things sexual. Amsterdam’s red light district is a maze of canal side narrow streets filled with small glass doors where the prostitutes sit on display or the curtains drawn across when their otherwise engaged . These doors are sandwiched between bars, peep shows, live xxx shows and sex shops. The saying sex sells is more relevant in Holland’s capital than anywhere else in Europe. Unfortunately the Muslim ‘loverboys’ know this also, with little morales and no conscience all these Muslims groomers see is € signs and money to be made.

      In Britain the Muslims responsible for the grooming epidemic sweeping the country are usually of Pakistani descent or its neighbouring nations. Those Muslims in the Netherlands carrying out the grooming and exploitation are normally always of Moroccan/North African descent or Turkish Muslims. This is more down to each country immigration over recent times. Mass Pakistani immigration into the UK, mass Moroccan / Turkish into Netherlands. Im pretty sure if you was to ask the Sweedes if they have any grooming problems they would cite Arabs being the culprits as that’s where alot of Swedish Islamic immigrants have come from. The common factor in all is that its Muslims carrying the exploitation out .

      Last year, 242 lover boy crimes were investigated by police, half of them involving the forced prostitution of girls under 18. Campaigner Anita de Wit says this is a fraction — ‘one per cent’ — of the true number. ‘There are thousands of girls being preyed on by male gangs in Holland,’ she says.Anita visits schools to warn girls exactly what a lover boy looks like, and makes no bones of the fact that most of the gangs are operated by Dutch-born Moroccan and Turkish men.‘I am not politically correct. I am not afraid of being called a racist, which would be untrue. I tell the girls that lover boys are young, dark-skinned and very good looking. They will have lots of money and bling as well.Anita’s bluntness is a far cry from the approach in Britain, where political correctness has stopped police and social workers telling girls the same home truths: that in many towns, particularly in the north of England. ” The lover boys seem to see white girls as worthless, to be abused without a second thought.”

      Anita began her campaign when her own daughter, Angelique, then aged 15, was lured into a sex gang after meeting a 21-year-old Moroccan boy at a coffee bar near her school. She would disappear from home for hours, often coming back only late at night. Sometimes, she would go missing for days, saying she had been with friends.In fact, Angelique had been sleeping with a host of Moroccan men and earning money for her ‘boyfriend’, Mohammed. ‘Her mobile phone would ring continuously, all day and through the night, too. She would even take it into the loo with her. Later Anita found out that the Muslim loverboys had been turning up at her school in flash cars, forcing her to leave class by intimidation and bullying ‘When I looked at it later, there were violent texts saying: “If you don’t come out now, you are for it and your family, too,”’

      A recent Dutch report claimed the number of under-age girls forced into prostitution has been greatly underestimated, Last year, some 195 out of the 1,200 officially-registered victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking were under age, the report’s author Corinne Dettmeijer claimed. She also said that many young victims – those aged 18 to 23 – were also forced into prostitution when they were minors by Muslim sex gangs.

    • Sue Holcomb JOHNSTON, IA
      • 7 months ago

      I think Iowa needs to improve it's laws to protect the victims and prosecute the real criminals.

    • Carolyn Rohlf HUMBOLDT, IA
      • 8 months ago

      Young vulnerable women need the protection of the state legislators.

    • Barbara Adams HUMBOLDT, IA
      • 8 months ago

      Every child deserves to feel the love of Christ and protection from violence.

    • Catherine Litwinow BETTENDORF, IA
      • 8 months ago

      It is our job to protect all children.


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