share a story about a child who has faced extraordinary medical conditions

share a story about a child who has faced extraordinary medical conditions

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      Operation Kids

Inspired by his granddaughter, Hailey, who suffers from a rare neurological disorder, Collin is joining with Operation Kids to raise funds for families facing extraordinary medical treatments and expenses for their children through the release of his new song, "She's With Me".

Do you have a child facing extraordinary medical treatments and expenses? Have you been helped by the generosity of others? Was there a sick child who inspired you to make a difference?

Share your stories with us. Tell your story and help us spread the word of the tremendous obstacles families with seriously ill children face.

Or make a $5 donation. Help a child. Download "She's With Me" as our gift.

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    • leatrice brantley FT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • over 5 years ago

      Back in the day, My friends brother had Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and Developmental delays due to his medical conditions.  He was unable to speak but he could make his wants known by signing and gesturing.  The family took Bennie everywhere we went. When we went to the movies, to the amusement parks, picnics, and to neighborhood parties,  Bennie was always there, in his wheel chair.  He was just one of the kids.  We rode on his chair, played catch the ball, and never excluded him nor did we let others make fun or tease him.  Bennie was our Bennie and he was cool!  We did dumb things, like ride down big hills on the back of his chair, with him at the controls.  We tipped the chair over on more than one occassion and Bennie got scraped up, just like the rest of us.  His Mom would yell at us for being careless but the next day, after we got patched up, I remeber Bennie was sporting a bright colored band-aide, just like us. 

      We used to miss Bennie when he went away to his Special School and we couldn't wait for his summer breaks.  Bennie has 13 operations on his spine to correct the Spina Bifida so he could sit up straight in his chair.  Those were sad times but Bennie always pulled through.

      As life progressed, I moved away from my hometown and had a life and family of my own.  I always used Bennie as an example.  He didn't ask to in a chair, and if he could be like everybody else, he would have been.  We used to ride in Bennie's chair and cruise around on it like it was some kind of new fangled toy, but at the end of the day, we could jump off and walk away.  Bennie couldn't do that.

      Bennie was a little guy and he sorta looked like Sammy Davis Jr.  Bennie passed away a few years ago, he was 55 years old. 

      Thanks for the memories, I can still see his face and that great big smile, because Bennie always knew who his friends were.


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