SGI proposed motorcycle insurance rate increase: Re-evaluate the proposed increase of motorcycle insurance in Saskatchewan
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Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel
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SGI proposed motorcycle insurance rate increase: Re-evaluate the proposed increase of motorcycle insurance in Saskatchewan

    1. Juston Sowa
    2. Petition by

      Juston Sowa

      Wadena, Canada

April 2013


Juston Sowa: Support from numerous individuals, media coverage, and the help of R.A.G.E gave us a small but important victory over the initial rate increase decision made by SGI.

There are an estimated 25,000 motorcycles registered in Saskatchewan as of 2012 and beginning late summer of 2013 SGI is proposing an insurance rate increase of an average of 73%. The highest increase being 459% increase in insurance. Many individuals cancel plates, or park their winter vehicles and ride motorcycles for increased fuel economy and decreased environmental pollution. If the rate increase goes through many riders won't be able to afford the extra insurance and will be forced to drive whatever other vehicle they have. It has been mentioned that this increase is to pay for the motorcylce accidents but by the 2010 reports they have made available to the public, motorcycles accounted for 0.65% of vehichles involved in accidents and only 2.26% of injury claims comparable to 50.6% and 49.9% respectively in passenger cars. With enough momentum we can make them rethink this increase and make it something that will work for all of us. Please sign and share with everyone you know. Thank you.

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    • Timothy Paich LOVELADIES, NJ
      • over 1 year ago

      There are links below to my petition as to link this petition of mine to this petition.

      This could help the poor and keep more and more people from going poor. The recession we're facing now could go worse than the great depression or be just as bad.

      This is to help with the economic downturn. I have a petition below that’s for the economy and ridiculous gas prices and other things affecting us. Let’s sign mine after signing this one. I need 1,000,000 signatures in total.

      This is for the thing on

      Reshaping the World Petition

      Pledge to Reshaping the World

      We should also take a stand against greed. I blamed it all on high gas prices for driving schools on waiting lists. It's common sense for first time learners for driving to have behind the wheel for car insurance reduction and most important safety of learning.

      We are taking stands against greed as well. You people who signed this petition should sign mine if you haven't. The author of this petition should sign mine on the link as well if haven’t.

      There’s also a petition on sign on. Here’s that link below as it’s for the reshaping the world to improve our lives.

    • donna kew kew LONDON, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      insurance companies have a monopoly on the people. They get to charge whatever they want. We have no say, or power to fight the hightest insurance rates in the world!

      we are just the working class, we need to buy food and put a roof over our heads as well as, be able to ride an affordable vehicle. Bikes are the cheapest on fuel and not any more dangeous that a car. so give us a break and keep rates low.

    • Phil DeVos YORKTON, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      At 60 I havea perfect driving record....why do I have to pay this huge increase. Maybe look deeper into the stupid things that SGI pays out for now in all areas and get the funds back from those to make claims in all areas, not just driving. Why does a motorbike not need a plate, insurance,a helmet but if injured while riding, they get all the health coverage they need. Not true of a motorcycle rider......

    • Emil Berberov SASKATOON, SK, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      Motorcycles are road legal, primary vehicles with occasional recreational use. Their fuel efficiency is often better than most hybrids. They are direct, easy and immediately available response to many environmental concerns. They require much less parking space and cause less damage to road surfaces than bigger heavier vehicles. A motorcycle rider is more vulnerable and thus has stronger motivation to prevent any contact with other traffic including bicycles, pedestrians and animals. Rider safety training can address most issues described in the proposed Motorcycle Insurance Rate Increase. The proposed rate increase will reduce environmentally responsible, cheap and convenient means of transportation and is counterproductive.

    • Jay Freestone REGINA, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      I ride my bike more in the summer to save on fuel costs. With this increase I wouldnt really be saving any at all. and may as well keep driving my regular vehicle.


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