Put Fab Five Olympian Gymnasts on the cover
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Put Fab Five Olympian Gymnasts on the cover

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      Rae Lewis

This is important because young girls and teens read issues of Seventeen Magazine and are affected in some way on what they read. Jordan Weiber, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, Aly Reisman, and Gabby Douglas, aka the "Fab Five" US gold medalists, should be recognized by their determination and hard work and are perfect examples of role models. By now, it seems that everyone knows their name...and not by being apart of a new scandalous reality show either. Through their Olympic back stories and interviews, it is easy to see that absolutely nothing was handed to them prior to their success and more girls should have that mindset. Watching them in the Olympics and being as young as 16 is so inspiring. Lately, all you read about are girls who got their start just by knowing or being related to someone. These girls are the real thing and they will have an impact on this generation...they are something young girls want to read about.

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