Seven Hills, Ohio: Mayor, Council, Law, Etc.: Drop Bow Hunting Discussion
  • Petitioned James Zehringer

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Director Ohio Division of Natural Resources
James Zehringer
Seven Hills Ohio Mayor
Richard Dell'AQuila
Seven Hills Ohio Council President
Michael C. Barth
Councilman - Ward 4, President of Council Pro Tem
Pete Draganic
Tom Snitzky
Seven Hills OH Councilman
Jim Tripi
Ward 3 Seven Hills OH Councilwoman
Caryl Lecznar

Seven Hills, Ohio: Mayor, Council, Law, Etc.: Drop Bow Hunting Discussion

    1. Lucy McKernan
    2. Petition by

      Lucy McKernan

      Seven Hills, OH

March 2013


Lucy McKernan: For now at least, a sign of relief. Seven Hills officials have public stated no "hunting" and no "killing" of deer in Seven Hills. Though we consider this a victory, I believe there are many unanswered questions about meeting minutes gone missing, and what remains to be seen from councils Lecznar and Dragnic, the prime movers behind this bow hunting talk. What other "options" are they looking into? They won't say. Therefore, this petition remains open, until council assures us all that no lethal "options" will be allowed in Seven Hills. Thank you for your support. Next, we will be looking at adjacent Independence, Ohio, where officials passed a bow hunting ordinance virtually off the public radar in 2007.

Killing Deer Does NOT Manage Populations; Proof It Only Fulfills Division of Wild"Death" Coffers: "All of this helps explain why, even after decades of hunting, deer numbers remain high in much of the country. In fact, the basis for hunting regulations such as hunting seasons and bag limits (how many deer a hunter is permitted to kill), are premised on this compensatory theory. The goal is to allow the sport of killing to take place while at the same time, conserve enough deer for hunters to enjoy the following season. But how many deer exactly should each state allow to be killed and still have enough for next year? In other words, what is the "maximum sustained yield"? This is one of the persistently difficult and challenging questions facing state wildlife managers; and since these managers are compelled to satisfy their hunting constituency, the more deer in the field the better. If there aren't enough deer, the wildlife managers may end up without jobs(see prior blog post 9/25/09 "The Structure of our State Wildlife Agency System..)"


"Hundreds of communities across the country are grappling with issues related to deer populations. After 10 years of culling, Princeton, New Jersey has recently decided to take a break. However new culling programs are being proposed almost daily. Controversial culls have been introduced throughout Westchester county and parts of upstate New York, as well as many towns in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Residents are told, often by representatives of their state wildlife agency, that killing is necessary because deer are very adaptable and their numbers can increase out of control. But given the number of species struggling today under the stress of environmental conditions such as global warming, under what biological theory could deer be overpopulating themselves? Being highly adaptable seems a bit unscientific and perhaps not the full explanation.


"Basic biology dictates that animal populations, including deer, do not just grow exponentially out of control." --Katherine McGill, from

James Zehringer, Director Ohio Division of Natural Resources
Richard Dell'AQuila, Seven Hills Ohio Mayor
Michael C. Barth, Seven Hills Ohio Council President
Pete Draganic, Councilman - Ward 4, President of Council Pro Tem
Tom Snitzky, Council-at-Large
Jim Tripi, Seven Hills OH Councilman
Caryl Lecznar, Ward 3 Seven Hills OH Councilwoman
Drop Bow Hunting AND Nuisance Permit Discussion. Do not allow any lethal methods in Seven Hills

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    1. Council to on Bow Hunting Vote This Fall, Oct. 7 Rules Mtg.

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer

      A new welcome to Yahoo. The new Yahoo experience makes it easier to discover the news and information that you care about most. It's the web ordered for you.

    2. Lecznar Proposed Bow Hunting; Council to Vote this Fall

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer

      Ward 3 Councilwoman Caryl Leczar brought her bow hunting in Seven Hills, Ohio, proposal before council the first Rules meeting in Sept. Now, she'll be discussing it again at the Monday, Oct. 7 Rules meeting. If you live in Seven Hills, contact council and ask them to vote "no!"

    3. My latest citizen journal article in Parma Observer

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer
      Clowns To The Left, Jokers To My Right . . .

      Recently, I spontaneously attended another Seven Hills caucus meeting. When I walked through the front door, 18 to 20 angry residents, several of whom led me to believe I could not walk down the hall or gain access to the meeting - deceived me by telling me they were there because they " really care about the deer."

    4. My Parma Observer Published Article

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer
      Parma Firefighters' Recent Deer Rescue An Excellent Example

      On Sunday, May 19th, one very lucky, very stuck in a trench, doe found herself in the loving care of certain Parma Firefighters, including, Capt. Laskey. Which begs the question: what would Seven Hills firefighters have done?

    5. Where are the public records?

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer

      How can one know, or not know, what is going on in one's community when there is no transparency, no records, no -- or arbitrarily posted -- meeting minutes? This is an outrage: Seven Hills has exceeded the allotted time to comply with my open public records request. Plus, the minutes from the Feb, 19 meeting that attracted so many anti-hunting activists that there was standing room only, and the TV news recorded the entire thing, appear on the city's website without any discussion of deer or hunting! The minutes weren't even being posted from August 2012 until January 2013, at which time I expressed outrage; it was only a month or so ago that I learned the mayor held a secret meeting at which he invited nine other area mayors to discuss the "deer issue."

    6. Citizen Journal Includes Seven Hills, Parma Deer Story

      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer
      Seven Hills, Parma Should Join Regional Trend Away From Lethal Deer "Controls" - Parma Observer

      Unless You Help, What Seven Hills, Parma May See Animal activists and the majority often feel powerless to stop hunting in their neighborhoods. But Northeast Ohioans are seeing victories in places like adjacent Broadview Heights and North Royalton, where, respectively, bow hunting ordinances have been repealed and prevented.


      Lucy McKernan
      Petition Organizer

      Complaint: “We need to do something! Populations are exploding, causing crashes, eating our entire flora!”
      Response: "Deer populations are a direct result of the Ohio Division of Wildlife master plan to keep ‘maximum sustainable yield’ for hunters, who bring in nearly half its annual profit. Killing has the ironic result of stable, rebounding populations.
      Response: “Planting native, deer-resistant perennials, not nonnative plantings and invasive species, solves much of the problem. Ohio boasts over 2,000 gorgeous native species, many, deer-resident.
      Response: “According to the CVNP study, nonnative earthworm soil compaction is what’s causing understory problems, not deer, which actually fertilize soils.”
      Complaint: “Deer carry the dreaded Lyme Disease!”
      Response: “The black-legged tick has over 100 hosts, including protected birds. Temporarily decreasing deer numbers does nothing but ironically cause ticks to seek secondary, large hosts, thereby increasing human/pet infections."

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    Reasons for signing

    • Lucy McKernan SEVEN HILLS, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      Do not be fooled by city's response to my Open Public Records Request; mayor dodged my certified mail TWICE and for weeks beyond the legally mandated time to respond, both times. The only records I have a piecemeal, and through law dept. Mayor's office claims no records.

    • Lee Williams COLUMBUS, OH
      • over 1 year ago

      Bow hunting is sadistic and leads to much suffering. Most deer shot with an arrow escape into the woods, where more than half die lingering painful deaths from infection.

    • Margaret R HAZEL GREEN, AL
      • over 1 year ago

      Most people end up torturing the animal because they cannot hit it in the right place. It is not humane.

    • rebecca vitale mandich PALO ALTO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Bowing is cool in movies not in reality! please sign "please stop killing us" we have got to stop killing our wildlife...who are we????

      • over 1 year ago

      Be careful now days of what you say I guess of to much on about animals or any thing for I sure got reported by some one by who I do not no. But I can't do but one at a time isn't that nice???


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