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Send Your “Resume” To Help Steve Stivers Do His Job in Washington

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Send Your “Resume” To Help Steve Stivers Do His Job in Washington:

Desired Position of Congress: A Congress that works for all of us – not just the wealthy or corporations, creates jobs, and doesn’t put the safety net for many at risk in the name of deficit reduction.

Summary: Job creation is really about rebuilding America’s middle class. Working and middle class families are getting crushed while the wealthiest and most powerful people are taking more and more. We have to rebuild the middle class with deliberate action because it is the engine of our economy.


Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security from dangerous cuts. Ending Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as we know it while protecting billions in tax breaks for big oil companies, corporations, and the very wealthy while making seniors pay even more for prescription drugs and allowing insurance companies to continue to both deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions and drop coverage for those who get sick is unconscionable.

Protect the middle class by getting Congress to focus on creating jobs and restoring the economy. Cutting funding for critical social programs kills jobs, destroys the middle class, and has a devastating effect on the economy. The national unemployment rate remains stubbornly high and Congress needs to focus on job creation

Stop discrimination against hiring the unemployed and extend unemployment insurance benefits. Many employers are discriminating against the jobless by prohibiting them from applying for open positions. For the 14 million workers across the country who have been affected by the jobs crisis, this discrimination is outrageous, especially when they just want to work to feed their families and stay in their homes. Also, extending unemployment insurance benefits will create a boost for the economy and give additional time for people to look for a job for which they are best suited.

End tax breaks for millionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas. For the past decade, the wealthiest people in the country and corporations have received numerous tax breaks. At the same time, we have seen cuts to things like education, health care and public parks and the general public gets taxed at a much higher rate than the very wealthy.

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    • Sharon Hamersley COLUMBUS, OH
      • about 3 years ago

      I know you held a job fair in Columbus this week. But even if everyone there had found a job, that really does not solve the problem. Many workers need new/upgraded skills and the programs to provide that are on the chopping block. Will you vote to protect millionaires or will you do the right thing?

    • Teresa Fowler GAHANNA, OH
      • about 3 years ago

      Congressman Stivers,

      This military family and (Criminal Justice professional) doesn't appreciate how you've left so many behind.

      Please do your job.


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